Parking Lot Grilled Pizza Battle Royale

One of the best parts of being a member of the Union Wine Co. family,  is that I get invited out to document the fun and games that happen every now and again.

A few years ago, owner, founder and paterfamilias Ryan Harms was challenged to a pizza cook off by  Head Winemaker,  J.P. Caldcleugh.    I wasn't in attendance then,   but apparently J.P. took the prize and all bragging rights.   Well,  the gauntlet was once again dropped and it was time for a new pizza maker to assume the throne...

All posturing aside,  everyone had a blast and got to chow down on some great grilled pie, kale salad, fresh watermelon and (on this rare occasion...) lunchtime canned wines. Not a bad deal for a Wednesday afternoon.

 Check out the official story right HERE.

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