catching the ox pt.7

i wanted to bring it back to basics, so this time around i chose salt and pepper. this is the yin and yang of savory cooking. ask any cook, if you cant master these two ingredients, yer not gonna get very far in the business.

meet rachel and kirsten

i have been trying to build a stronger fashion portfolio recently. i don't know too many models, per se, so i find it best just to shoot my friends. i got to go out to mt. hood a few weeks ago and spend the afternoon with two very lovely and
photogenic ladies. we had a blast and i got a ton of great portraits. i am even breaking my "only 3 shots per post" rule.

thanks, R & K.

thrift store inspiration

gotta keep shooting, and lets face it, it cant all be food! sometimes the best inspiration comes from a quick trip to the goodwill. i can always find something to throw in front of the camera for the afternoon. found this little guy for $2.99. i liked the look in his eye...

catching the ox pt.6

in honor of the fourth of july mike chose Beer, the all american bevvy as our next topic. dont have too much to say about this one. just more lighting practice. enjoy!

holga loves the great outdoors too

my girlfriend just ran her first triathlon 2 weeks ago in sun river (she kicked ass!!) so we decided to take the long way home with a few days through the deschutes national forrest and ht hood national forrest.

now, i normally say nature photography as a whole is anathema, but i just love how the holga can capture a scene. like a mental snapshot from a dream.

and yeah, thats right. i just used the word anathema.

catching the ox pt.5

in keeping with the whole local sustainable thing, mike and i decided to shoot asparagus before it went out of season and out of our lives for another year. i hope you ate your fill while it was around.

for the first time, i actually couldn't decide on one final image this time, so i am posting two. i am leaning toward the first one, so feel free to voice an opinion on which one should make the final cut.

the mayor of icecreamville

a recent assignment put chad draizin of fifty licks in front of the lens. he was a Blast. he showed up in a custom made 3 piece white pin stripe suit and a madras tie. (those who know me know that i'm a sucker for a madras tie.) his pic didnt make the final cut, but as you can see, he was a great guy to shoot and talk with. look for his ice cream cart in the ron toms area this summer. (BTW, this was shot in natural light!)

more new orleans on film

film is fun. besides from the mild but very obvious self righteousness associated with film use these days, its is an amazing form of delayed gratification. that used to be my favorite part of being a photographer.

with the digital era, instant gratification gets very comfortable very quickly, but sometimes its fun to shoot a few frames, completely forget what you shot, finish a roll a few months later, and suddenly that trip to the camera shop (in portland... Udevelop ...always!) is like christmas morning. whats in the stocking? two winners from new orleans.