the fine folks at new seasons

i just finished shooting my first campaign for new seasons. definitely the most fun job so far this year. i got to meet so many cool people and really get to know the workings of the best supermarket in portland. i ended up with about 350 final shots! a large part of that was shooting portraits of well over 50 new seasons employees in action.

just wanted to post some of my faves...

the fine folks at new seasons part 2

and here are a few more....

new season's fish dept.

and here's just a taste from the folks in seafood...

Freehouse Bar

the new project from Eric Moore (victory bar) and Ansel Vickery (bunk bar) is gonna be great. good food, good drinks, back patio, and non stop golf on the tube. what more could you ask for....?

messin' around in the studio

i finally had the time last week to make two images that have been bouncing around in my brain for a while.

now dat's one handsome so 'n so...

taste unique

although i have been shooting the food scene in this town for 6 years, i am always amazed at how much i miss that goes on here. i was recently hired by Sunset Magazine to shoot a little italian place on division called Taste Unique. mostly a high end take out spot, once a month the chefs indulge their creative side and offer an "all you can eat plus one glass of wine" antipasto spread for $20. its AMAZING and although its been going on for years, is surprisingly still under the radar. the next one is April 6th. check it out!

here are a few dishes you might see:

taste bud bagels

i was doing some shooting at the Woodsman Market recently. the folks there really have their design aesthetic down pat. best bagel presentation ever...

Urban Gleaners etc...

recently i got to go up to the gorgeous house of Tracy Oserman, founder of portland's Urban Gleaners. its an amazing organization (check it out by clicking the link.) we shot a dish for an upcoming portland monthly, which i can't show quite yet, but here are a few outtakes, including her great dogs, Harry and Truman.

thrift store project pt. 15

found this dude at goodwill last week. he had a cool painted face, but the details on his shell were the best part. the style is very similar to a figure i shot as one of the very first images in this series. thinking maybe this is a south or central american style....? any ideas?

catching the ox catches a buzz..

so this time around for catching the ox, galvin collins and i decided to shoot whiskey. if you are following along at home, galvin came out to Joseph with us as my assistant on the 'Pure Beef' cookbook shoot. he's a real good dude and one hell of an assistant.

check out both of the photos HERE.