late summer Catching the Ox

i was really hoping to get one more solid Catching the Ox project in before the summer slipped away.  as luck would have it,  my favorite CTO alumni,  shannon sturgis,  got in touch because she was heading out from Brooklyn to her grandfathers watermelon farm in Oklahoma,  and was hoping to make the whole thing into a photo essay.   check her blog in the next few weeks to see her images.  and check the CTO   for both watermelon shots.

shooting PDX for Bon Appetit

i've been waiting with bated breath  for this one.   its kind of like Christmas in late August.   the Sept Bon Appetit story just hit the stands with 13 of my photos in a three page travel spread.  it looks gorgeous.   pick one up and check it out for real!

the Bon App outtakes

of course,  not all of my favorite shots got selected to run in the magazine.   .....And thats what blogs are for.   Here are some of my faves from the 4 days of shooting:

putting the cart before the OX

of all the shoots i did for the Bon Appetit story,  i think i got the best stuff at Ox.   I had shot owners Greg and Gabby before the space was finished for Food and Wine,  but this was my first time in the restaurant since it had become fully operational.   the light was beautiful and the food and servers all looked great.  I finished up just as the GQ photographers were coming to do the same thing i did,   so i was in good company!

some new odds and ends

this summer has been pretty bonkers between juggling shooting 2 cookbooks and all the other editorial work that has been coming in.   but i always try to make time for fun shoots at the studio for practice.   gotta keep the claws sharp. and its the best way to spend a free day (unless i take a trip out to the Sandy River for a swim.)

here are a few completely unrelated food shots that I'm pretty stoked on.

the Tumblers

a few weeks ago,  the Tumblers were headlining a show at the Doug Fir,  so i met up with them for sound check and then a little whisky drinking at the motel before the gig.   

super good group of guys.   check em out around town soon.

rockstars and the women who love them

i dont get alot of opportunity to shoot portraits,  so after the tumblers shoot,  Tytler asked for a few portraits of him and the missus.  

there actually were 4 muskateers. just ask Dumas...

warm apple brandy and a little grab ass between old friends.   Santa Cruz represent!

feelin' kind of Euro Trash

I was hired a while ago to shoot the fried anchovy heads at EuroTrash food cart for Sunset magazine. i had the good fortune to meet and shoot the owner, Charles Thomas as well.   quite the character,  and good lookin' food to boot.

of for them, one for me

i had to shoot Eric from Chop a few weeks ago for Sunset Magazine.   I have known eric for probably over 10 years.   He is a hell of a dude and one funny MoFo.   We had a great time doing some portraits around his shop.

this one was for them,

but this ones for me.

new shots of old friends

to say that Park Kitchen is an institution in the ever evolving PDX food scene would be a pretty big understatement.   Scott, David and the whole crew have been keeping it real for over 10 years.   And when they finally decided to update their website,  i got the call to create some fun images of  the staff,  food and space.

here are just a few.  keep an eye out for the new website coming soon.