...just married

for those unaware,  meredith and i got married on may 5th on russian hill in SF.   it was a great trip,  a great day and fun (i think) for everyone involved.  here are a few pics,  all taken by our good friend Josie Fox.  you can see the whole gallery of images HERE.

pre wedding jitters, via instagram

as agreed,  i was booted from the Marina house a few hours before the wedding.  so i went over to gabriel  and jacobs house,  watched the NY Rangers lose and drank a greyhound.   photos courtesy of Hana Rucker and her trusty iPhone.


in all my years living in the bay area,  i had actuality never gone to Alcatraz.   so meredith,  my folks and i headed out there a few days before the wedding.    i love shooting super touristy areas cause it makes me try much harder to find those different shots that everyone else overlooks. good practice.

this is my favorite shot.    its of the morgue,  a tiny shack with one planked table outside the main building.

the holga goes to SF

my holga sat me down recently and very calmly explained that it wasn't jealous of Instagram,   it just felt a little neglected and asked if i, in the interest of full disclosure and as a caring friend,  might make a little effort to show my love.    what a baby,  right?     so just to be nice,  i took it to SF for some fresh air and celebrations.   and it was right.   i had missed the holga.

April Joy Farm pt. 2

after shooting what we needed for the ad spot,  i was free to roam around the farm,  make some new friends and shoot anything that looked cool.    so i did what i normally do.  i found the cats and dog and hung out with them!   this first image could possibly be the greatest cat portrait i have ever taken.

April Joy Farm pt.1

a few weeks ago i was hired by New Seasons to shoot one of their vendors on location at her Washington farm.  April and her husband Brad could not have been more wonderful people to work with.   Their produce was amazing,  as were their pigs.

the kettle works dudes

i had the opportunity recently to get some good Bro time in and shoot the fellers at portland kettle works as they welded and did other super burly dude things.   they are really a great group of guys and it ws a fun shoot.   nice to be out of the kitchen.