Parking Lot Grilled Pizza Battle Royale

One of the best parts of being a member of the Union Wine Co. family,  is that I get invited out to document the fun and games that happen every now and again.

A few years ago, owner, founder and paterfamilias Ryan Harms was challenged to a pizza cook off by  Head Winemaker,  J.P. Caldcleugh.    I wasn't in attendance then,   but apparently J.P. took the prize and all bragging rights.   Well,  the gauntlet was once again dropped and it was time for a new pizza maker to assume the throne...

All posturing aside,  everyone had a blast and got to chow down on some great grilled pie, kale salad, fresh watermelon and (on this rare occasion...) lunchtime canned wines. Not a bad deal for a Wednesday afternoon.

 Check out the official story right HERE.

Roseburg Roadtrippin' Pt. 1

As luck would have it,   just as I was finishing up my 5 day Cattail Creek Road trip a few months ago,  I scheduled several days in Roseburg with my favorite down south winemakers,  Dyson DeMara and Scott Kelley.

I had shot for them a few years ago,  so they had me back down for some Paul O'Brien winery shots- including a brick oven pizza party,  as well as some on location farm feasts.

Winemakers Dyson DeMara and Scott Kelley.

Roseburg Roadtrippin' Pt. 2

As mentioned,  this was my second time getting to hang with my favorite Roseburg winemakers.  In the days following the Paul O'Brien winery pizza party,  we headed out to a friends lamb farm to take in the sights and have a little impromptu roasted lamb lunch in one of their funky old barns,  paired with some of the newly bottled Oregon Territory Pinot Noir.

Small Town Revitalization

I was recently hired by Dougherty Landscape Architects to document their total redesign and revitalization of downtown Canby,  a super cute little one horse town about an hour south of Portland.

It was a great exercise to take a break from the culinary world and turn my lens on something completely different:  the modern landscape and how people fit into it.

If you are passing thru that area,   definitely stop in and have a look around.  Canby has a great farmers market on Saturdays,  and one of my favorite clients,  Ladybug Chocolates has their storefront on the main drag.

June 5, 2018, Rizzeamer Farms

Having just build and established 4 more vegetable beds in the last few weeks,  I am going to make a conscious effort to photo document the growth of everything green, colorful and edible on our property all summer long.

Ollie and Penny may be making occasional appearances too...

the Holga hits the road

I just got back from 7 days on the road in Oregon,  a journey that took me thru Corvallis, Junction City,  Coos Bay, Bandon and Roseburg.  (much, much more to come from that soon...) 

I met some amazing folks,  got to pet some super cool cats and dogs,  and saw some of the most beautiful landscapes that this fine state has to offer.

As always,  the Holga was riding shotgun the whole time.