revisiting Little Bird Bistro

Recently I headed back down to Little Bird Bistro to document their full menu overhaul.   Here are some of my favorites.    If its been a while,   go check out all the new stuff they are whipping up!

Telling the Tales of Imaginary Authors

My long time favorite local perfumery,  Imaginary Authors, is always creating new and interesting scents,  but has recently expanded into the world of candles and soaps.   Here are my interpretations of a few of their newest products...

On the Hunt in Southern California

Over the past year or so,  I have been working on a project with celebrated Southern California chef Jason Tuley.    Can't talk much about it just yet,  but a few months ago,   he took me and his best buddy Charlie along on a quail and pheasant hunt down in southern California.   It was my first experience as such an observer and it was pretty eye opening.   I've been all over CA and i have never experienced landscape quite like this.   

Here are a few of my favorites, but you can view the whole GALLERY as well.

new work for Ponzi Vineyards

I spent many many days (in my past life) catering out at Ponzi Vineyards,   so it was a nice reunion to head out there and collaborate with them as a photographer.   We had a fun day noshing and sipping all sorts of Ponzi wines in their beautiful new tasting room.