Back to where it all began....

My very very very first real photo assignment happened 10 years ago (10 years ago!!) and was a series of farmer portraits to adorn the walls at Paleys Place,  where i was employed as a prep cook at the time.  It was amazing opportunity and i often credit Vito and Kimberley Paley with really giving me my first opportunity to prove myself as a serious professional photographer.  (Little did i know at the time how many more years of hard work and dedication it would take to fully reach my goals.)

I recently had the opportunity to revisit and rework all the portraits.  Here are a bunch of the outtakes.  The original selects still hang in the main dining room at Paley's.  Go seem em and get the best Steak Tartare in Portland.   *One image was even hand printed by yours truly in my basement darkroom on 39th Ave.... try to guess which one.  


The folks at Union Wine Co.  recently teamed up with the folks at Wild Fang,  to create a white wine blend called Get It Girl.  Its great,  and the best part is that all the proceeds go directly to the  Oregon Planned Parenthood.   You can order the cans on the Union website or pick them up around town.  

Of course,  I was on hand to document some of the ladies getting all fired up for the release.   #wildfeminist #pinkiesdown

Road Tripping' to Ashland

We recently hit the road southbound to spend some time with an exciting new client,  Hither Market.    In collaboration with the creative folks at Needmore Design,   I spent a few days capturing the flavor of the Market.  

We had a great time in Ashland working with the Hither owners Corrie and Wes, and even got to reconnect with some old Portland friends.  Definitely stop by and say hello if you are in the neighborhood.