catching up on the new year

So far,  2014 has been the year of revisiting old friends and old favorites.   Its been a pretty crazy start to the year,  way busier than i expected,  so my apologies for dragging my heals on the blog postings.   On top of a whole slew of restaurant shoots,  i just wrapped up my fifth book,  all about beer cocktails,  with writer and local cocktologist,  Jacob Grier-  but more on all that later.   I tried to catch up the blog as best i could in the next few posts.

First up,  under the category of old friends,  i had the pleasure of revisiting the Andy Ricker triumvirate on Division Street.

Pok Pok:

Sen Yai:

Whiskey Soda Lounge:

My old stomping grounds....

It's always a blast shooting at Tasty n Sons,  especially now that they have a Taylor Ham,  egg and cheese sandwich on the breakfast menu.  This was my final cooking job,  so its always nice to spend a morning in such familiar environs.  

The American Local

Do yourself a favor,  and go check out the newest spot on Division,  The American Local.   Great folks and great food.   I'm really excited about this restaurant and i think they are going to settle in very nicely to the neighborhood.

The Days of Wine and Leather

Union Wine Co. and Tanner Leather Goods,  two of the coolest companies in Portland,  teamed up to make some new swag  in the form of one of a kind hand tooled leather coasters.  Tanner invited the Union folks to come to the shop and oversee the production.   I was on hand the document the collaboration....

The Limited Co. supper club

Two of my favorite members of the Le Pigeon family,  Andrew Mace and his lady Nora Antene,  have started up their own little traveling supper club.  Keep an eye out for the next time they put one together.  The seats go quick-  and for good reason.  These folks have style and grace,  and their dinners are absolutely killer!


Bunk on Alberta

I had the opportunity to do some shooting at the newest Bunk sandwich shop up on Alberta.   Great people,  great sandos and an all new big fat freakin' Harry Dean Stanton.   Looks like its about time to watch Repo Men again.