Return of the Holga

for the past few years,   the holga has gone on all my adventures with me.    lately,  i have been forsaking her for the polaroid land camera.   but i started feeling neglectful,   so i have been making more of an effort to bring her along.     i must say,  its a very familiar perspective,  and i've missed it.

enjoy film.

My first multi-generational family cherry seed spittin' contest

this will make a lot more sense when you read the next post....

Oregon Cherry Growers

A few weeks ago i was hired by Maxwell PR on behalf of the OCG to go down to a few farms around the Salem area and document the families,  the farms,  the pickers and the bounty of cherries.   It was a brutally hot "not a cloud in the sky" sort of dry oregon summer day.  But thanks to the amazing Jessica Lyness of Maxwell,  who was not only chauffeur,  interpreter and handler,   she made a pretty good photo assistant,  the day went off without a hitch-   (even with a video crew in tow).    Here are some shots from the day....

Got the cover!

Out on stands right now is the newest MIX magazine.    not only did i shoot the cover,  but i have 45 images throughout including one pretty bad ass polaroid.   So much thanks to Danielle Centoni and Reed Darmon for all the freedom to roam and for doing an amazing job with the editing and layout.

Now go buy one!

Pennington Farms Dinner

I was originally hired by MIX just to go down and shoot a dinner at Pennington Farm in Applegate Valley,  Oregon.    Since i was going so far south,  i convinced them to let me do some exploring,  which turned into a 3 day amazing adventure all over southern oregon.    First off,  here are some shots from the farm dinner.    So much love and thanks to the whole Pennington Family for their support and good vibes.

Also,  there is an amazing guest house on their property which they rent out.  Highly recommended!!!!

exploring Southern Oregon

Here are a few of my favorite moments and the great people i met exploring all the cool spots from grants pass to medford to ashland.    serious memories being made here...


The Union Wine Co. family

For the past few months i have been working on a full rebranding campaign with the amazing folks at Union Wine Co.    And for the first time,  all the members of the team were in the same place at the same time,   so they called me out for some documentation.   its was a great day a sipping wine,  eating roadside tacos and a tour of the vineyard.

the summer of polaroids

i have had some great shoots so far this summer and my goodwill acquired $5.00 polaroid land camera has been coming with me,   much to the Holga's chagrin...

here are a few shots from Southern Oregon, Salem and the San Juan Islands.