the old men of the vineyard

recently i was hired by bethel heights, an amazing winery in salem, to shoot their vineyard top to tail. although it may seem a little odd to do so in february, the weather was beautiful, the grounds were lush and the shots turned out great.

my favorite series is of some 30 year old pinot vines on the property. gorgeous.

thrift store project pt. 1

i am always finding great figures at thrift stores with really rich, road worn and weary personalities, so i've decided to start shooting some portraits. this will hopefully gain momentum as the months go on. here is my first character study. dig the hand painted owl on her dress. the back has an equally detailed painting.

thats ma boy

12 feet high and rising

how bout dem apples! there really is no feeling like standing in the middle of the street and seeing your images ten feet tall. here are a couple of the first round of Google Hotpot billboard ads i shot. hopefully many more to come...

the photographer on his day off

design credit: golfball was designed and executed by my brother adam.

Fresh Cup February

the february issue of fresh cup just hit the stands, with my image on the cover. (thats two covers in 4 months, but who's countin, right?)

pick one up today! or tomorrow. thats cool too.

tour of duty

for those who haven't yet heard the harrowing tale, i had the pleasure of spending 13 hours stuck at the scenic Newark Airport, snowed in. after i went to try and catch a cab, i wasn't allowed back thru security so i got to spend the night on the marble floored entry way. luckily i had a garment bag, which made a mighty fine bed roll.

at 630 the next morning i got a lift home from the most amazing and daring hatian man in all of north jersey. he was fearless, delivering me to my doorstep. i gave him 87 dollars and three Bayer asprin. pretty sure that makes us BFFs for life.

thats him in the background. not pictured: the leather wingtips i am wearing 22 inches below the snowline.

eat yer heart out Louis Vuittoon...

my brother justin is visiting the US from china for a month so i flew back east to spend a little quality time with him and the extended reamer family.

now, china is known for many important contributions to modern society, certinly not the least of which is wonderfully misspelled haute couture. or should we say howt cochure...

i believe it was RUN DMC who so notably said "calvin klain, no friend of mane, dont want nobody's name on my behaind."