a trip to Waitsburg, Wash. for Food & Wine

 at the end of August i had the unique opportunity to head out past Walla Walla, to the tiny little town of Waitsburg, Washington to document the town for Food & Wine magazine.  It was a classic small town in every sense;  the people were friendly, the town was quiet,  the air was clean.  And the public pool (with diving board!!) cost $1.50 for a swim.    Well,  classic excpet that for the fact that contained in the  4 blocks that made up the town there was an amazing taco shop, a chocolate and champagne shop, a really cool bar, an amazing restaurant and a pretty darn hip coffee shop- even by portland's lofty standards.    all in all it was an amazing trip.   read all about it in the November F & W.

the best little guest house in Waitsburg

since Waitsburg is 5 hours from portland and i had shoot in the evening and then again the next morning,  it gave me the opportunity to stay over night at the 7 Porches guest house.  Its right on the main drag,  about 3 blocks from all the spots i had to shoot.   being the end of the season,  i had the entire house to myself,  so i took a little time to document the space.

the house was amazing,  each room furnished differently.  
when i got there,  the owners let me in and showed me around.   since i had all my equipment,  i asked for a key,  they said,  "oh,  we could give you a key,  but we don't lock the doors here.   its fine - this is Waitsburg!"  

dori & kasey tie the knot

every year i shoot one wedding.   i have done it for the past 6 years.   just one-  whichever friend asks first.    this year it was the chef de cuisine at Toro Bravo (and good friend) Kasy Mills.   i have worked with him and his lovely wife for many years and had a blast shooting their wedding out at Camp Angelo.    here are a few faves:

shootin' Patty for Williams-Sonoma

a few months ago,  Williams-Sonoma approached me to contribute to their ongoing Sous Chef project, in conjunction with one of my all time favorite sous chefs,  Patrick McKee.   Patty and i worked together many many many years ago.   He is a dedicated cook and father,  and ironically,  not actually a sous chef,  but whatevs.  Semantic....right?

Either way,  i got to spend a really great morning with him and his daughter Bella and son Henry while they collaborated on some meatballs and spaghetti.    Check out the whole project,  recipes and more photos HERE.

summer...it's gone

sorry about the bummer title.  been listening to a lot of granddaddy albums lately.   anyhow,  i had some scanning to do recently so i decided to scan 3 polaroids i made on the Sandy River on what ended up being my last swim of the summer.   i got in a few solid solo missions after school started back up which is hands down the best time to be out there.    it was an amazing summer,  but i am ready to pull out the sweaters and get on with autumn.

for the photo geeks out there,  these were all made with a 40 + year old Polaroid Land Camera that i scored at goodwill for 6 bucks and had the 3 volt battery custom build.

the holga goes to Spain

i just got back from what could be lightly deemed a whirlwind photo trip to Madrid and Barcelona shooting for the upcoming Toro Bravo cookbook.   Myself, the writer, art director,  chef, and his 2 right hand cooks all spent 120 straight hours eating, drinking Cava,  walking for miles and soaking up the spanish culture.  it was an amazing trip.   here are a few real film pics (no, these are not Instagram images!!!)  from the adventure,  with many many more images to come...

big time male bonding for MIX magazine

last year,  on what was the single most glorious day of the entire Fall,  i had the honor of accompanying a group of some of the best guys i know for some cooking,  drinking, fishing and more than a little grab-assing.   i shot for about 11 hours straight,  but the whole day was a one of a kind.    the story just hit stands,  which means i can finally put these shots in my portfolio.     here are the tears: