Flâneur Wines

Last summer,  i was contacted by a pretty awesome dude from D.C.  named Martin,  who had decided to build,  from the ground up,  a new vineyard and winery in Oregon.   He wanted photo documentation from day one,  and was hoping i was on board for the project.    Sounded super fun to me,  so i headed out to a 40 acre field full of blackberry brambles and head high wheat,   and i walked the whole property,   taking photos.   

Cut to almost a year later and the vine starters are being planted.  So i headed back out to document the land,  the workers and of course a celebratory champagne sabering.  (shutter speed 1/8000 of a sec!)

Eggs on Top

Today the  4th cookbook i photographed was released.    Written by Andrea Slonecker,   styled by Anne Parker,   and published by the fine folks at Chronicle Books,   Eggs on Top is a gorgeous cookbook with great tips on  technique  as well as all sorts of cool recipes.   Shot over a week and a half last July,  we have all been excited for its release.   So if you are in town,   stop by Powell's and pick one up,   or you can order it right HERE.

A Day at Little Bird

I have certainly spent my time at Gabe's flagship restaurant Le Pigeon,   but his second restaurant,  Little Bird is equally amazing.  It had been a few years since i did any photography there,  so it was a fun day making some new images of people and food.


a few new adverts

I do a lot of work with New Seasons Market.    Here are a few of my recent favorites.