happy easter

every year on easter, my brother Adam (following the tradition and recipe of our Very polish grandmother) makes a batch of homemade pierogis. its rare that i find myself in the kitchen on a holiday with nothing to do, plus the afternoon light on sunday was pretty great, so i figured i'd pick up the camera and document the process.

the Allmighty Dagwood

the latest catching the ox subject was sandwiches and i decided to really challenge myself. i'd like to think of the Dagwood as the holy grail of food styling so i thought i'd give it the ol college try.
i am proud to say that there is no slight of hand in this pic. that sando stood on its own for almost an hour. from top to tail, there are 36 different food items composing this sandwich that are all technically visible. if anyone can guess 'em all, i'll treat them to lunch anywhere in portland.

thrift store project pt. 6

i really feel like this project is finally starting to take form. this was definitely the most fun figure to shoot so far. it was amazing how the slightest shift of angle or light could change the whole feel of the photo.

good enough to eat.

i rarely shoot the dishes i order in restaurants. not too sound like a douche, but i find it pretty gauche. but sometimes ya just gotta capture the moment.
and lets face it. toro bravo.... its worth the wait.

one more billboard

its been a great run with the Google Hotpot campaign. this one is extra special to me because as many probably know, besides from being great friends with toro & tasty family, this was the last restaurant i worked in before throwing in the proverbial (kitchen) towel for a life of unbridled fame and luxury as a full time freelancer.

thrift store project pt. 5

this little dude was made in israel, but he reminded me of Rigoletto crying for the loss of his daughter Gilda.

Nongs Khao Man Gai

what can i possibly say about this cart? in the immortal words of Snoop Doggy Dogg,
"If you don't know, you betta ax sombody."

hittin it RawDawg

for those of you who haven't been following along at home, my catching the ox project is still going strong. this time around we went a liitle more abstract, choosing "Raw" as the general topic.

the image pairing this time was really pretty amazing. probably the best since the "Apples" round. i chose to shoot oysters, coming up with 13 final images in the series. here are a few of my faves. check out the site to see which made the final cut.