the kids

what are they looking at?  i dont know.  there was nothing there.

you wanna buy some tea...

a few months ago i got to shoot steve smith,  creator of tazo tea.   since he had sold tazo to starbucks and was now starting a new line of teas,  i thought this would really illustrate the whole situation.    steve was a total trooper when i explained the idea,  offering up not only his own coat,  but the alley next to his office as location.   he was great,  and got really into the character.  the shot didnt work for the article,  but its still one of my favorite portraits.  

the whole time i was humming the song from that old sesame street skit "would you like to buy an O..."

the yashika T4

(yeah,  yeah,    i didnt even know who terry richardson was when i bought mine...)  

so i keep a yashika T4 in my car with B&W 35mm film.  it usually takes a few weeks to finish the roll.   i just finished a roll.   here are some highlights. 

catching the ox pt.1

i recently got back in touch with an old friend from jersey, mike gross, who as it turns out has become a pretty badass photographer in nyc. (click on his name and check him out - but then come back.) since we both shoot alot of food, i thought it would be fun to pick random food items, shoot em and compare. ( keeping the proverbial claws sharp while the assignments weren't rolling in.)

normally i think this sort of thing might be like putting two cats in a closet, but seeing as how we are 3000 miles apart i think the friendly competition can stay friendly.
he was down, so this is our first go at it. this is my take on mirepoix. you can see his shot on his blog. apparently he just recruited one of his photo buddies in japan to join in. stay tuned for pizza shots later this week.

we will be calling the project Catching the Ox, and a full website will be following soon, but for now, stay tuned for updates here...

adam green at dante's

"hey.  things wont be strange any day now. "       -adam green,  the jewish james dean.

natural light in portland

you gotta love portland's evening light,  accompanied by a light drizzle,  through the kitchen window.   even the dog looks dramatic.