pok pok noi

hey, north portland.... welcome to the modern world.

thrift store project pt. 4

did i happen to mention i went to 12 years of catholic school....


getting all these billboards is cool enough, but the fact that they are for some of my best friends places makes it that much better. here are two more, and tasty & sons will be coming soon.


i was hired recently to shoot a great new restaurant in north portland called cocotte. i got some really amazing photos but this one is just my absolute favorite. its one of those few random photos that really gets more awesome every time i look at it.

(click on the image to enlarge it if its too small.)

thrift store project pt. 3

i always loved the word "chuffed". it's kind of anachronistic, sort of cute and fluffy while still being just a little cocky. all in all, its about feelin good and enjoying life.

i think this little guy looks Right Chuffed.

rainy sunday afternoon eggplant tart

two from the vault

no, i haven't been sorting through my old Dead bootlegs again. but i did come across 2 images in an old folder that i love and wanted to air out. enjoy

thrift store project pt. 2

i know. this is pretty damn creepy. but there is just something about the strength in her stance and the look in her eye. she has definitely seen some shit in this lifetime.


dude. get off the set!

billboards pt.2

just saw my third billboard downtown in support of the Google Hotpot campaign.

stay tuned... 3 more soon to come!

victoria steals the show

kurt huffman brought along his bulldog, Victoria, to a portrait shoot we had last week. i'll tell ya, that dog just doesn't take a bad picture.

they say that the devil is in the details

well, this month, so am i. page 66: the new wave of asian cuisine.

thats right, after years of hoping and wishing, i have a photo in Details Magazine.
a dream come true, you say? perhaps. now, Details, being a non profit publication (right??) had no money to offer for using this image, but thats okay.
what really got me, though, is that in the article they actually screwed up the caption, matching the image to a different restaurant's info.
guess they really need to work on their attention to... wait for it.... details.

marionberry muffins

meredith was doing some late night baking the other day, so i got in on the action.