who you callin' iconic?

Henri Cartier -Bresson,  Edward Weston,  Irving Penn,  Dorothea Lange ...... Me.  

Making the rounds online right now  (First We Feast,  Eater,  the Huffington Post)  is a list of some of the most iconic food photos ever.    Somehow,  one of my photos made it onto the list.   Ever the iconoclast,  my photo was never actually in print,  but thanks to the glory of the internet,   a whole lot of people are gonna get to see it.

check it out at:  http://firstwefeast.com/eat/the-most-iconic-food-photographs-of-all-time/s/david-l-reamer-smoking-bird/

Thanks to Gabriel Rucker,  a true friend and a brother, for having undying faith in my talents and creativity.  We made a good team.

Grassa... I freakin' love these guys

Rick Gencarelli,   the dude behind all the great food at Lardo Sandwiches,   just opened his new handmade pasta spot,  Grassa.   He called me in to document the opening days.   here's a little taste of what i witnessed...   go check em out soon.

did i mention i freakin' love these guys....

Grassa,  PDX.