June 5, 2018, Rizzeamer Farms

Having just build and established 4 more vegetable beds in the last few weeks,  I am going to make a conscious effort to photo document the growth of everything green, colorful and edible on our property all summer long.

Ollie and Penny may be making occasional appearances too...

the Holga hits the road

I just got back from 7 days on the road in Oregon,  a journey that took me thru Corvallis, Junction City,  Coos Bay, Bandon and Roseburg.  (much, much more to come from that soon...) 

I met some amazing folks,  got to pet some super cool cats and dogs,  and saw some of the most beautiful landscapes that this fine state has to offer.

As always,  the Holga was riding shotgun the whole time.

Canard Pt. 1

If you haven't heard,  the hottest spot in town is the new restaurant and bar,  Canard,   from the folks who brought you Le Pigeon and Little Bird.  

(Perhaps you are seeing the nominal aviary trend here...)

I happen to be pretty tight with a few of the higher-ups in the organization,  so i was granted first shot at creating images of the new menu.  Needless to say,  I jumped, or should i say flapped at the opportunity.

Canard Pt. 2

Aside from the amazing food,   the bar program at Canard is really top notch,  with a killer happy hour starting at 4 every day.  

Make sure to order the aptly named "Breakfast of Champions"... a gin martini with a single oyster.

Spring had sprung at Q

If you haven't checked out Q Restaurant and Bar,   the reincarnation of  the Portland institution Veritable Quandary,  do yourself a favor.  As you can probably see from the following shots, you definitely won't be sorry.

from the ashes, rises Seasoned Portland

A good friend started a great personal chef business in town,  but recently had to move away.   She very generously passed on her business to her Right-Hand Woman,   and Seasoned Portland was born.

I spent an incredibly fun day in the studio with Kristen Koziara,  the new Chef and owner,  and if these first dishes are any indication,  she is going to go far.   If you are in the market,  please check out her site.

my Luckiest client

One of the best parts of my job is working with smaller 'mom and pop' businesses and watching them grow.   I have been working with Lucky Foods ... which could more accurately be described as a 'mom and son'  business for many years now,  and have had the pleasure of watching them really blow up.  

We recently did a new style studio shoot,   using some of their sauces and kimchi as parts of broader recipes.  Much more to come soon...