Having a Picnic at the Studio

Later in 2015, three of the best food writers in Portland,  Andrea Slonecker,  Jen Stevenson and Marnie Hanel will be coming out with an amazing new cookbook from Artisan called "The Picnic."   Based on their Portland Picnic Society,  the book will feature all sorts of amazing picnicking recipes and ideas.  The design of the book is actually going to be all illustrations,  instead of photos,  which- even as a photographer-  i actually think is gonna be pretty badass.     But Artisan needed a few promo shots,  so the ladies and I got together at the studio and,  well,  had a picnic.

I don't do event photography Part 1

I am not an event photographer.  When i was first starting out,  i would shoot events-  hell,  i would shoot anything.   But over time,  i have come to realize its just not my thing,  so i usually try to avoid it.    But there are those certain times,   (like when your very best client,  Union Wine Co.  asks you to show up and document their awesomeness)   that you just can't refuse.

Example A:  the Feast Sandwich invitational....

I don't do event photography Part 2

As stated in the previous post, I'm just not an event photographer.    But again,  when your favorite client,  Union Wine Co. asks you to document them teaming up with Portland culinary powerhouses Salt & Straw Ice cream,  Jacobsen's Salt and Quin candy at the Feast ight market,   whatcha gonna do?   You grab your camera and have yourself a grand ol' time.

Stay Wild!

Portland Legend,  Art Director Extraordinaire and all around great guy Justin "Scrappers" Morrison recently started up a new free magazine called Stay Wild.   I was honored to be involved in the newest issue.   A few months ago my Buddy Scotty Keterman of Crown Paella met me out at the beach  to do some barnacle harvesting.   We then headed down the coast to Frog Eyes Wasabi farm to grill em up and scarf em down with some of the Lucky Peach Magazine folks.   You can get a little feel for our adventure here. You can see other shots on my website HERE.

This actually marks the first time i took the pics and wrote the copy.   (That English Lit B.A. is finally starting to pay off!)

New Catching the Ox

For the uninitiated,   i curate a little photo project called Catching The Ox.   This time around,   food blogger and photographer Zoe Ching  (@tastytalk) joined in the fun.  Definitely check out her blog Toasty Talk and her photo in the project.

The subject matter this time around was "Dried".  I headed to Fubonn market to browse their wares,  and this is what i came up with.   Anyone out there who wants to be involved,  don't hesitate to email me.