Happy Turkey Day!

killing two birds with one stone this year... no pun intended... i decided to have the first ever Holiday session of the Catching the Ox project centered around thanksgiving and featuring the one and only heather hawksford. here were a few of my favorites shots from the day. click HERE to see which one made the cut.

thrift store project pt. 10 & 11

its been a while since i had the time or focus to shoot one of these, and to be honest i just hand' t been finding any cool characters in my thrift store adventures. then low and behold i found this awesome mod couple yesterday. whats even cooler about them is that they are supposed to be matching bookends, but he lost his stand somewhere along the way, and now just sits in waiting for his lady.

these fellas were something i had picked up a while ago and just held onto. i wasn't sure how i was gonna shoot them and it took a good bit of fiddling around, but i think i got the most out of the subtleties of their expressions. i really spent some time focusing on the little guy's position. the impotence of his gaze is kind of heartbreaking if you look closely.

hopefully more to come soon...

opening night of Interurban

i got invited up to snap some shots before the door officially opened on the new spot up on mississippi opened by john gotham, dan hart and kurt huffman. gonna be a dope spot for a beer and a snack. check it out soon.

portraits on sauvie island

owner and paterfamilias of Blue Moon Camera, (and all around awesome dude) Jake Shivey took meredith and i up to sauvie island for some old school 8 x 10 portraits
to commemorate our engagement before all the autumn colors faded. i usually hate being on that side of the camera, but it was a great experience.

finding myself in the fine art mood, i snapped a couple of jake and his pup. stay tuned for the finished portraits to hopefully come soon....

bethel heights grape harvest

over the past year, i have gone out to bethel heights winery in salem to shoot each season. obviously for a winery, the most crucial time of the whole year is harvest. so last week i headed back out to shoot the grape picking and processing. this is something completely new to me, and turned into one of the best shoots of the year. the whole process is pretty amazing. and when the downpour came, i got dumped on. but it was worth it, cause the light after the storm was perfect.

BTW. think yer job is tough? try picking grapes. those dudes don't fuck around.

the holga goes to san francisco

shootin' at OP

i love shooting the food, the folks and the space at olympic provisions. recently i was hired to reshoot both spaces. here are some of my faves....

the holga goes to the metolias river

i have had an amazing run of assignments this fall. grape harvests in Salem, cow slaughters in Joseph and just recently i was hired to spend 2 days in a cabin on the metolias river (with several men of questionable moral fiber), to document their fly fishing trip and a subsequent 6 course meal. it was an amazing trip. the weather was perfect, the fall colors were going crazy, and the food was off the hook. unfortunately, i just found out that this story apparently isn't going to run for a year, so those images - amazing as they are - are going into the vault for a bit.

but here were some holga shots of the amazing fall surroundings.

the woodsman tavern

i have been doing tons of shooting in preparation for the launch of duane sorensons new restaurant The Woodsman Tavern. lots of my friends and other super cool people work here. go check it out, have a fancy pants cocktail and get some chilled seafood.

the Interurban Mafia

i was called in to shoot some of the construction at the new restaurant Interurban, opening Nov. 18th up on mississippi.

here are the dudes who deal with outstanding invoices....

2 autumnal images

getting ready for halloween

meredith and i took our "little sister" (read: rent-a-kid) Wendy and her little sister Eunice up to Sauvie Island to pick some pumpkins straight from the patch in preparation for halloween. naturally, the holga came along. a good time was had by all.