thrift store project pt. 10 & 11

its been a while since i had the time or focus to shoot one of these, and to be honest i just hand' t been finding any cool characters in my thrift store adventures. then low and behold i found this awesome mod couple yesterday. whats even cooler about them is that they are supposed to be matching bookends, but he lost his stand somewhere along the way, and now just sits in waiting for his lady.

these fellas were something i had picked up a while ago and just held onto. i wasn't sure how i was gonna shoot them and it took a good bit of fiddling around, but i think i got the most out of the subtleties of their expressions. i really spent some time focusing on the little guy's position. the impotence of his gaze is kind of heartbreaking if you look closely.

hopefully more to come soon...

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