rustle me up some grub, podnah!

its funny how work goes in cycles.   it had been months since i was hired by any restuarants to come in and do what i do best-  shoot the holy heck out of the food,  space,  peeps  etc.    There had been alot of assignment shooting and studio work,  but i had wondered if my days of running around the best spots in pdx was coming to an end.

and then job after job came rolling in-  most of which you have seen if you keep up woth this blog.  (and if you dont keep up with this blog,  you gotta kind of ask yourself whats wrong wit cha??)

so here are some favorites from Podnah's Pit,  the undisputed champion of texas style BBQ in pdx.   The food was amazing,  the folks working were great, and it was a really successful shoot.   check them out next time yer in their 'hood.

Yo... czech this out!

i just got to see the newest MIX magazine which includes a story i shot about a truly amazing czech family in SE Portland.   The dinner party was a blast and the food was off the charts.  pick up a copy or czech out the full story online HERE.