like a virgin

i cant go into great detail right now, but i was asked to contribute to a project and come up with a single image that symbolizes the successes and failures, the joys and pains of inexperienced home cooks. this is what i came up with. and i gotta say, im feelin' pretty chuffed!

any idea how hard it is to find sparklers in august?

some more yashika T4

i have mentioned in the past that i keep an old yashika in my car for random times. it usually takes a few months to finish a roll, and the results are always a surprise.

brooke and hugo

i hate to admit it, but sometimes i really miss shooting the mumiya.

kayaking on the willamette

as far as palandromes go, kayak is not one of my favorites (i prefer "UFO tofu" and "do geese see god?") ...but it is a pleasant way to spend a summer afternoon...merediths 5 year anniversary present to me. we got to explore the mighty willamette river, which is waaaaay!!! cleaner than you would think. and of course i had to bring along the Holga. (the bridge shot was from the bike ride home.)

catching the ox pt.8

although we now have the site up and running (catching the ox) i will still be posting some selects here. this time we shot BBQ. these were my two final having a tough time picking a winner (any thoughts?) yer just gonna have to check the other site to see which one won out.

Stumptown, USA

recently i had the chance to shoot duane sorenson, Paterfamilias of the stumptown coffee empire/family. we wanted something a little different for some new magazine portraits, so we snuck back to the warehouse. the light was great, and duane was a trooper. it was my first time shooting from the top of a forklift. good times.

catching the ox...the new website is up and running!!!

for those of you following along at home, the catching the ox project is really starting to pick up steam, and i finally got it all together and online. really really exited about this. so please check it out, and send the link to friends and family, especially if you have art directors as friends and family. enjoy. here's the link: catching the ox

blueberry picking

the missus and i went up to sauvie island this weekend for a swim and a little fresh berry picking.

i made some blueberry ice cream and meredith made lemon sugar cookies...and we had some delish ice cream sandos!

the kids of summer

what can i say. everybody loves the summer in portland!