Harvest Season Pt. 1

The most crucial and hectic time of the year in the world of wine making is Harvest.    There is a very small window of opportunity when the fruit is perfectly plump and ready to be called to its higher purpose.   

I have spent severals seasons documenting the men and women who go from vineyard to vineyard,  physically collecting  the grapes.   It is really a sight to see.   This Autumn I made a sunrise  trip to   Amity Vineyards for the final day of their Harvest.  


Harvest Season Pt. 2

After all of the grapes have been harvested, its time to sort,  select,  squeeze,  and stomp them.   Once again,  I was on hand (and under foot)  to capture all of the action....

Pear Pairing

I recently got to reconnect with Chef Jason French of Ned Ludd for a studio shoot for Portrait of Portland Magazine.   Jason created several dishes using the local pear varieties that are in season right now.

Check out the whole article HERE.

Dim Sum Tapas

Yes... you read correctly.   Dim Sum Tapas.

I was on hand to document the first of a new series of dinners at Plaza Del Toro,  where chefs create a  Tapas menu,  served in a Dim Sum style,  with dishes from  their own culinary background.   First up was Madrid Chef Juanjo Canals.  The next few will feature Portland favorites Han Ly Hwang and Jason French.  Seats are limited,  so make your reservations soon.

now showing at a (Bollywood) Theater near you...

I have known chef and owner of Bollywood Theater,  Troy MacLarty,  for about 13 years.   Starting back in the early days of Family Supper,  up above Gotham, Troy and I have crossed paths on many occasions,  but its been years since i got to spend some time with him.

It was great to catch up and shoot some of his gorgeous food for an OnTrak Magazine story.