this little piggy....

last year i went out to April Joy Farms in Washington to do a shoot for New Seasons.   While there,  i got to meet some really cool and very large pigs.  April promised to call me the next time some piglets were born.    Pretty freakin'  cute.

Happy St. Paddy's Day

here is the ad i did for new seasons' corned beef special.   Apparently i stunk up the entire studio building reheating it before the shoot.   Sorry guys.

Union Wine Co.

Let me just say,  for anyone that checks this blog on a somewhat regualer basis,  sorry for the hiatus.  Its been a bonkers month,  which is great,  but i sort of fell off my blogging responsibilities.   And for that i am oh so sorry.   but for your enjoyment here are about 8 or so new posts to fill you in on everything i have been up to.... at least the stuff i can leagally show off at this time.  (hint,  hint... some really cool stuff will be coming soon.)

lets get started!

 i am doing a few shoots for the new branding of Union Wine Company.   The folks at the winery are really great,  and the design team is doing an amazing job as well.   My first shoot was out at their bottling plant.   Here is a sneak peak,  with a lot more images to come.

just don't call em coquettes

I had shot Cocotte,  and amazing french restaurant up on the corner of Killingsworth and NE 30th,  when they first opened 2 years ago.    Well its 2 years later and they are going strong and just getting better and better.   They had changed alot in the interior and also with their food,  so they had me back to do somne more shooting.   Its a great space to shoot in,  and the food,  well i will let the photos speak for themselves...

Tasty & Alder

My good friend and restauranteur extraordinaire John Gorham just opened up his new spot downtown,  Tasty & Alder.  
Its gorgeous,  and the food is amazing.    If you haven't heard about it,  you will soon.  

Superbowls and Birthdays

here are 2 ads that i shot in the studio recently for New Seasons Market with a whole lotta help from amazing Creative Director Laura Williams.   more to come soon...

drink local! ...or there's gonna be problems.

this was a collaboration with the one and only Justin "Scrappers" Morrison.   he is a gentleman and a scholar,  and always a treat to have at the studio.  Its for the Mercury's drink guide.  

beyond the valley of the dolls

can't say much about this yet,  but i have been helping my brother with an art project he is involved with.   all of the surfaces,  furniture and props  in the pictures are hand made by him.  pretty wild.  more to come....

Meeshus Meech

this week i was hired by a really cool Romanian family in Gresham who are starting up a new sausage company.   as with the next post,  i love helping out new businesses get off the ground with some really cool photography.   So i spent the day at their home,  working with the pater familias slash chef,   as he made Mici (pronounced meech) which is an uncased Romanian sausage.   The company is called Meeshus Meech.   they just got USDA approved,  so keep an eye out or find 'em on Facebook HERE.

Little Localvore

its always fun to help out a new business getting off the ground.   Jennefer White,  the owner of Little Localvore baby food just moved to town to get her business off the ground,  and we had a great session of collaborating on some cool images.   Jen found this amazing antique high chair for the shoot,  which i convinced her to buy and keep for future shoots.

if yer in the market for such things as really good,  healthy baby food,  keep an eye out at farmers markets in the next few months.