Persimmon Personal Chef revisited

A few months ago,  I put up a post about helping my friend,  Gaela Witter get her personal chef company off the ground with some photos of her gorgeous dishes.   Well,  here we are a few months later and she is killing it!    Looking for a personal chef?  Well better get in touch now,  cause slots are filling up fast.  Apparently Persimmon has really taken off  so Gaela had me back to shoot her Winter menu.  Just as delicious as the Summer plates,  we had a super fun day of shooting.

Check out her update menus HERE.

the Holga explores the neighborhood

On my birthday back in November,  Meredith and i took a long walk around our 'hood.   the light was pretty special,  and i happened to have the Holga in tow,  so i took some B-day snaps.   Did this last year too.  i think I'm gonna make it a tradition…