Union Wine Co. website REDUX is up and running

For the last few months,  i have been shooting a whole campaign for Union Wine.   It has been a really great project with lots of fun location shoots.    The site just went live,  you can see it HERE.  Much love to Michael Etter and Rodrigo Moyses for art direction and web design.   And super props to the folks of Union who are just really rad people who love to make,  drink and share their wine!

Here are some selects from out final shoot the with lovely Abby and charming Mr. Tincher


the Mozo Catalogue is live!

Over the past few months,  i have been working with Mozo shoes,  shooting in Portland and Santa Barbara for  their fall2013/ spring2014 catalogue.    This was a huge project for me,  working in conjunction with  Topaz Design here is Portland  and the fine folks at Decker's in Santa Barbara.    The catalogue is 50 pages with about 30 full page images of mine.  They even changed the whole layout to be horizontal to accommodate more photos!    Here are a few of the highlights:

Mozo Adverts

the huge campaign i shot for Mozo shoes both here in portland and in santa barbara  is finally going live,  with a 50 page catalogue (with over 30 pages of photos!!!!) and a few ads.   I will be posting lots of shots,  but here are the first ads:

this is why i take pictures

....to capture moments like this.

Sunday Brunch for MIX magazine

this month MIX is running a story i shot with the wonderful ladies of Solabee Flowers.  This was a really fun shoot,   made much much easier and more beautiful by the food and prop styling of Ms. Anne Parker.  Thanks!

Our Table Cooperative

Last week i began what i hope will be a long and creative relationship with the wonderful people of Our Table Cooperative,  a farm out in Sherwood Oregon.   While i was there,  i met some great people,  some chilled out cows,  some particular chickens and a bad ass rooster,  and got to be bombarded by 50 baby geese as well as witness an actual bee swarm,  which is nothing short of really intense.   Here are a few shots from the day.

Lugging around the Land Camera

While i was out at Our Table Cooperative,  i shot some Polaroids with the ol' land camera.  Pretty stoked....

2 new New Seasons Ads

New Seasons is definitely one of my favorite clients.     This farmer pic was shot last summer as an outtake for a different ad entirely.     i was actually on location with another client last week and she mentioned seeing it on the back cover of  Edible Portland.   

For the salsa shot,  i got to be location scout,  food stylist,  prop stylist,  shopper and photographer.  Location....?  our newly remodeled kitchen.