New Seasons Market Summer Campaign

New Seasons is my most favoritest client.   They just rule!  Much love to Valerie Malcolm,  Demitri Fregosi and all the talented folks at Ziba Design who seem to really really like my work.  I'm so happy with how these ads turned out.  Really Great!   Keep an eye out for big-ass banners hanging over the check out area at various stores around town.

You might recognize the super cute farmer gal in the first ad.... #marriedtoamodel

recipe testing in the studio with Andrea Slonecker

can't say much about these shots,  but i though they were pretty cool.  more to come....

schlemiel, schlimazel, hasenfeffer incorporated...

I had the opportunity to photograph the maiden voyage of the first ever wine canning process.  History in the making,  and all i could do was sing the Laverne and Shirley theme somg in my head all afternoon!   You can read about the process and follow all of their adventures on the Union Wine Co.  BLOG.


"Fuji Transfer" just doesn't have the same ring...

I have been shooting a lot of the Fuji Instant film over the past year or two. I usually save the color film for the spring and summer since you need pretty much directly blaring sunlight to get a properly exposed image.    

For the latest installment of my photo project Catching the Ox,  (this round was done with Michelle Lopez of Hummingbird High)  I really wanted to do a Polaroid Transfer style image of some plants and owls in out garden.  I hadn't done any transfers in many years so I learned the hard way that there are some major differences with the Fuji film.  With a fortuitous trip to Blue Moon Camera in St. Johns,  I got on the right track and made some interesting images.   I gotta be honest and say i like the Polaroid Transfers a lot better,  but this was still a fun exercise.

Here are three similar images:  one regular positive,  one chemical transfer and one emulsion transfer.

the Holga goes to the Beach with Lucky Peach Magazine

I haven't been able to post much about my three day shoot out on the Oregon Coast with Lucky Peach, other than to say it was amazing!!!! Most definitely the best shoot i've ever done.   .....But much  more on all that later.   I was shooting digital and lots and lots of Polaroids,   but as I have mentioned in the past,  the Holga gets upset if its not involved as well,  so i made sure to click a few frames.

C is for cookie... thats good enough for me.

I just did a round of Catching the Ox with the most excellent photographer and cook,  Kylie Antolini,   who is the voice and vision behind the blog The Baking Bird.  The subject matter was cookies.   I baked a recipe of my Mom's for white chocolate,  cranberry,  pecan Oatmeal cookies.   Check out Kylie's recipe on her blog,   and check out our collaboration HERE.