"Fuji Transfer" just doesn't have the same ring...

I have been shooting a lot of the Fuji Instant film over the past year or two. I usually save the color film for the spring and summer since you need pretty much directly blaring sunlight to get a properly exposed image.    

For the latest installment of my photo project Catching the Ox,  (this round was done with Michelle Lopez of Hummingbird High)  I really wanted to do a Polaroid Transfer style image of some plants and owls in out garden.  I hadn't done any transfers in many years so I learned the hard way that there are some major differences with the Fuji film.  With a fortuitous trip to Blue Moon Camera in St. Johns,  I got on the right track and made some interesting images.   I gotta be honest and say i like the Polaroid Transfers a lot better,  but this was still a fun exercise.

Here are three similar images:  one regular positive,  one chemical transfer and one emulsion transfer.

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