Japan loves Portland Part 2

This summer,  myself and another photographer did a 5 day shoot all around PDX with Elle A Table Japan.   In all,  they are running 3  stories just about the food and drink scene here.

I just received the tears for the latest story.  Except for the Olympic Provisions shots,  all images are mine.

New Seasons Holiday Catalogue

I just got my hands on the NSM holiday catalogue i shot a few weeks ago.  Big ups to creative director extraordinaire Laura Williams for the great direction and creative freedom on this.  All food cooked and styled by yours truly. 

Pick one up at your local store.

the Holga goes to Texas

Just got back from a great trip to Austin and parts further west.  Ate some amazing BBQ,  shot some rifles, drank some Shiner.  Ya know,  Texas stuff.

As always,  the Holga came along to document.

Hacking the Holidays

Great time shooting with the one and only Justin "Scrappers" Morrison.  Always a pleasure to do a Mercury cover.

looking back on a busy week

i just wrapped up a stint of really quick shoots that took me all over town (with one giant 3 day shoot thrown right into the middle. )    here's a quick cross section of what's been keeping me bust since texas…