Three photos taken On Nov. 2, 2014

On the occasion of my 40th birthday,  I captured 3 Holga images in Port Townsend.   I rarely,  if ever,   get usable distorted images with my Holga,  but i was quite happy with these.   It was a chilly rainy day.  The best kind of day to contemplate life,  movement and mortality.

the Holga goes to Port Townsend WA.

Meredith and I had an amazing 3 days over our birthday weekend up in Port Townsend. Its a great little town to wander around in, rain or shine (which we got both of)  and we even got to take a ferry ride over to Whidbey Island to walk across the bridge at Deception Point.    

And as usual,  the Holga came along for the ride.

Tom and Kate are really freakin' great

In the newest issue of Imbibe Magazine,  I shot a story about wintery Gamays at South East Wine Collective.  During the shoot,  i got to meet and kick it  with the two personalities behind the SEWC: Tom Monroe and his lovely wife Kate.   As you can tell,  a pretty good time was had by all.

Now,  i don't think i will ever get the chance to shoot Mila Kunis and a mid 70s Lee Hazlewood,  but id like to imagine it would go something like this.

New Seasons Holiday Campaign, Thanksgiving Edition

A few weeks ago we did a 4 day shoot to cover all of New Seasons Markets'  Thanksgiving and Christmas images.   It was the largest commercial undertaking i have done and i am happy to say it was a complete success.  (Much in part to the amazing food styling of Andrea Slonecker.) 

Here are a few shots and some finished pdfs from the campaign.   More to come after Turkey Day...  In the meantime,  you can view all the pdfs HERE.

New work for Imbibe Magazine

I had a great time shooting this holiday Gamay party at SE Wine Collective.  Everybody from Imbibe was great to work with.   Kate and Thomas,  the winemakers slash SE Collective owners were so much fun,  and the magazine spread looks fantastic.   Gotta love so many full page images! Pick up a copy soon before they are all gone.

a few more new images in print

Here is a spread from Stay Wild magazine from when i went barnacle hunting a few months ago with Scotty Ketterman.  Its a free mag you can find around Portland,  or check out their website.

And an old shot from a Catching the Ox project got chosen for the new Eat & Drink guide!