Chizu for Culture Magazine

I recently had the opportunity to do some shooting for Culture,  the leading magazine about the world of cheese.  I was shooting Portland's resident cheese Czar, Steve Jones.   It was well timed,  as a new book i shot for Steve will be coming out in a few weeks,   (but more on that soon.)

Check out the full article HERE.


The OP Holiday Campaign.... Breakfast

One of the most intense shoots I have had in a while was the Olympia Provisions Holiday Campaign.   In one full day,  the Cairo Family,  with lots of help from friends and employees,  cooked a full Christmas brunch and a full Christmas dinner feast,  as well as time to decorate the house and˙spread a little holiday cheer.   It was one of the best, most positive days of shooting I've had in years.

Here's some of my favorites from the first part of the day...

The OP Holiday Campaign.... Dinner

As I mentioned in the last post,  we somehow pulled off a full day including breakfast dinner and holiday fun.   Here's Part Two...

Union Wine Co Field Notes

Recently we have been working hard to build momentum behind the Field Notes section of the Union website.   Field Notes gives Union the opportunity to  show a more personal side of the lives and passions of their employees and also to actively collaborate wth many favorite local brands.

Recently we have posed a series of wine cocktails inspired by local bartenders.   Check out all the nitty gritty HERE.

Northwestern Comfort

Broad City Punch

Short Strokes


Soter Vineyards Holiday Campaign

I had the privilege of spending a few nights in the Penthouse of the gorgeous Atticus Hotel,  where we shot all the lifestyle images for the Soter Vineyards holiday campaign.  Here are a few of my favorites...