thrift store project pt. 9

this could possibly be the saddest bear in the whole world. i passed him up on the shelves several times, but kept coming back to him.

cheer up, little buddy. everythings gonna work out.

gotta love that 2nd amendment

when i showed up to shoot the owners of Olympic Provisions last week (see the "Eat Meat" post) i couldn't help but notice a few of the fellows came strapped, as they say.
turns out they were headed out to scappoose for some good ol fashioned backwoods shotgun shootin. luckily they let me tag along to shoot some photos, and a few guns as well. suffice to say, a good time was had by all. and the shots turned out amazing!

the holga goes to seattle

recently the missus and i had a chance to spend a few days in seattle. we ate some ridiculously good food at How to Cook a Wolf, Le Pichet, and the Walrus and the Carpenter.

and since i had an afternoon to myself, i decided to hit up the ol' Space Needle, not just for the view but as a mini photo exercise as well.

walt and darcie get married

so as most folks know, i am not a wedding photographer. i will, however, shoot one wedding a year for whichever friend asks first. (i have shot one wedding a year for the past 5 years.)

i recently shot my good friend and Pine State Biscuit owner Walt Alexander's wedding out a edgefield. it was a beautiful day and everyone had a blast. here are a few of my faves.

the final billboards...

here are the Bistro Montage and Infinity Tattoo billboards, my final two in an amazing run of 8 billboards for the google hotspot campaign. everyone i worked with at google was tremendously cool and it was a great ride while it lasted. i really hope to have the chance to work with them again in the future.

Eat Meat

being a (quote unquote) food photographer, i don't get to focus my lens on people as much as i would like, so i always jump at the chance. when the opportunity arises i try to follow one simple rule. whenever possible, just make em look like badass rockstars.

me and my gal

its not often that i will step around to be in front of the camera. this was snapped for us at walt and darcie's wedding by the one and only brooke lack.