La Taq and a tale of Tex Mex torture

 As it happened,  i was on day 5 of a health cleanse the afternoon i scheduled my La Taq shoot.    Now,   going without booze,  caffeine, sugar, meat,  dairy and wheat for a week is bad enough,  but standing directly over bowls of velveeta cheese sauce,  pots of carnitas and crema covered enchiladas was,   and i'm just being honest here,  pure F#@*ing Torture!   But Meredith and i headed back the next day to break our fast and celebrate with cocktails,  meat and especially velveeta cheese.   Go check em out,  but go early.  The space is small and fills up fast-  for good reason!

one from the vault

I was digging thru some old folders and came across this great portrait of Andy Ricker and Ha "Christina" Luu,  the matriarch of Ha Vl.   Andy first turned me on to the amazing soups at Ha Vl a few years ago.  At this point,  most folks in pdx have been out to try it.   If you are one of the uninitiated,   then get out there!  But go early,  cause when the soup runs out,  thats it for the day.

this little figgy went to market

A few weeks ago,   i reconnected with the ultra nice folks of Three Little Figs Jam.   We had a great day of styling and shooting their products.   Luckily,   Liz Cowan,  the founder of 3LF Jam used to be a photo stylist who has worked with the likes of Annie Leibovitz and Mark Seliger!  Mostly a fashion stylist,  she jumped right into the food thing and helped created some amazing scenes.   Check out their site and order some jam for your next..... jam!