some good ol' fashioned grab ass

when i was down in Santa Barbara last month shooting Cat Cora for Mozo (pictures soon to come...) i also made the acquaintance of a group of chefs that own and run a great spot  called Anchor.  soon after my trip,   they came up for a whirlwind 3 days in pdx and i got about 30 minutes with them at the Ace Hotel to do a quick shoot.   There were donuts and card tricks and dominoes and tallboys and more than a little grab ass.  

Good times.

Cream Ales for Imbibe Magazine

a few months ago,  Meredith, Elvis and I got to head out to Pacific City for a story i was shooting for the newest Imbibe Magazine.   it was a great day trip out to the coast and the spread looks tight.   Props to Art Director Molly Henty for the gorgeous layout.  And thanks to all the folks at Pelican Brewery for making my job easy.

Alchemist for Union Wine Co.

as i have mentioned in a few previous posts,  i have been shooting a huge rebrand for Union Wine.  This next shoot took me,  unexpectedly,  to Bryan Steeleman's house.  You may know him as the founder,  owner and Pater Familias of the Por Que No family.   Bryan's wife has an eye for amazing props and their house is chock full of them-  which obviously makes my life much easier.   combined with the skilled art direction of Michael Etter,  i pretty much just had to show up and click the shutter.... well,  not entirely.    

Stay tuned,  one more Union shoot to come.

David L. Reamer for the Wall Street Journal

last week i did my first shoot for the WSJ.    The story was about the wonderful world of Portland Oregon wines.  You can read it HERE.

 It was a seriously crazy day of running around from location to location.   it brought me back to my old school commando "have camera will travel" days.   no budget for an assistant,  and my camera bag is a lot heavier than it used to be.   but the spread looked great,  so thats what matters.

the locations i shot were:  Imperial,  Le Pigeon,  Vinopolis, Line & Elsin and Gruner.   Here are some of my favorite pics,  and some that didn't make the cut...

Kings Ridge for Union Wine Co.

over the last few months i have been shooting a large campaign for a rebrand of Union Wine Co. These guys are great fun and make some seriously badass wine.   For this shoot,  we staged a huge meal at Tasty & Sons.  It was a really fun shoot with some rad people and delicious food.  

Hats off to the art direction of Michael Etter and Rodrigo Moyses for all the good ideas.   more to come...

the kentucky derby is decadent and depraved... least thats what Hunter S. Thompson said.   personally,  i haven't been,  but hope to go someday.   In the meantime,  i collaborated with the gentlemen from Harding & Wilson to shoot an ad for an upcoming KD party they are throwing this May 4th at Lizard Lounge.   Check it out if you are in town and you like whiskey and bow ties.

persimmon personal chef

A friend i used to cook with,  Gaela Witter, decided to try her hand as a personal chef,  and asked if i would help with some promo food shots.   sounded like a good time,  and together, we made some pretty stellar images.   when her website is up and running,  i will add a link.  until then,  enjoy the shots:

women laughing with salads

....apparently its a thing.  i didn't know until after i took this pic,  but one of the other woman at the shoot filled me in.   ah,  the internet.     see more of the like HERE.

whats in your pantry...?

Laura Williams,  creative director extraordinaire,  and i  built this impromptu pantry in the studio last week for a New Season's Ad.  pretty cool if i do say so myself.  I've been trying to use that orange colander in a shot for years...

good enough to eat

Meredith made an amazing Lemon Meringue Pie the other day.    so i took a photo of it.

Portland Saturday Art Market

A few years ago,  i got a very in depth introduction to the fine folks of the Saturday Art Market.  Its really an amazing community of artists who are very dedicated to what they do.    So recently i was invited back for another series of portrait sessions.   here are a few of my favorites.