Happy Halloween from the Holga

Catching the Ox celebrates the season

For the latest installment of Catching the Ox,  I invited portland photographer Amanda Widis to join in the fu.  For the subject,  she suggested "Autumn",  which was awesome because for one thing,  i had never done a season as a subject,  and for two,  the Fall has been so beautiful this year. 

I took the opportunity to enjoy the weather and do a little travel photography,   bringing my Polaroid Land Camera up to Sauvie Island and out the the Fruit Loop in Hood River.   It was one of the most fun CTO projects so far.  Here are a few of the polaroids from the shoot.  Check out the blog to see which one made the cut...

(it was a tough decision!)

the Holga goes to the pumpkin patch

This Fall was absolutely beautiful,  so i made a point to head up to Sauvie Island a few times to shoot some film while the sun was still out.

24 months and 18 days later....

As i did with the Le Pigeon book,   i wanted to post the very first image i took for theToro Bravo book,  and the very last image.    As i have mentioned,  this was a amazing project that took us halfway around the world and back.   The writer Liz Crain did a superb job handling everything and the McSweeneys team were so great to work with.   I can definitely say it was well worth spending two full years of my life making this project a reality.

This was the first image,  shot for the proposal,  on April 5, 2011

And this was the final image on the final day of shooting,  May 23,  2013.

Making, Breaking & Riding the Bull

The Toro Bravo cookbook is now officially out on shelves.   I was shooting this over the same time i was shooting the Le Pigeon project.    Head chef,  John Gorham,  is one of my best friends,  and everyone involved in this book and the restaurant gave their all to make it amazing.   You can see more pics on my website.  Or just go out and buy the book!   You wont be sorry.

orient by occident

I never knew much about Double Dragon Bar and Restaurant,   here is the SE of Portland.   But i got to spend a few days hanging out with the super cool folks who work there,  eating some great food,  drinking some awesome cocktails and having a fun time all around shooting the comings and goings. Look for a web update soon.

the Holga gets some props

If you read this blog regularly,   you know that the Holgas has become a bit of a personality in its own right,   sharing my travel adventures and images. Because of its weight,  size and reliability,  it has become my number one travel and fun time camera.    Last week  the folks at Holga took notice and contacted me for an interview.   Pretty cool!   you can check out the whole interview and some travel photos from around the globe right HERE.

greetings from china

Last month i had the opportunity to visit Beijing and Qingdao,  China.   It was an amazing trip and yielded a whole lotta great photos.    There will be a full gallery up on my website soon,  but for now here are a few of my favorite shots.

I ate some great food.  Met some interesting people.   Also,  I can now officially say i have seen the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean.  Wild.

Chairman Mao or Chairman Meow?

My bruddah

My youngest brother,  Justin,   has been living,  working and studying all over china for the past 5 years.   Last year he got his Masters in International Relations in Beijing.  He is now studying the language and living in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao.    He was the impetus for my journey and turned out to be an amazing tour guide and host.  

Thanks for all the translating,  dude!

the holga goes to china

Pretty soon i'm gonna have to get the holga it's own passport....