Getting in the mood for Mardi Gras with Tournament and Serenade

On Saturday night,  a few of us were invited to an amazing crawfish boil at the Tournant space,  hosted by Serenade.  Whiskey Cocktails, oysters, artichoke dip with Ritz crackers, a killer Gumbo,  boiled crawfish,  king cakes,  and some great music.  It was  a super fun event.  Definitely check out their upcoming events on the website linked above.

you can't spell Delicious without a 'Q'

I recently began  a very exciting relationship with a newer,  (but older,)  but newer restaurant downtown.  Originally Veritable Quandary, (VQ)-  a true portland restaurant institution,  the restaurant lost its lease a year or so ago.  But the whole team just didn't want to disband,  so they rallied a few investors,  dropped the "V" and moved the whole operation over to SW 2nd as the simply named  Q Restauraunt.  The space is gorgeous  and the food is killer.

Everyone working was so excited to be involved in the photo shoot,  it makes my work that much more fun.  This is some of the best from the first shoot.  more to come in a few weeks...

new studio work for Olympia Provisions

These guys have become one of my best clients,  and its always fun to shoot their goods.... especially because they are so generous and always send me home with a bag of deliciousness.  (Sometimes even my studio mates get a few meaty treats!)

Here are a few of their new products....

Well, Bless Your Heart.

 I was just down at Pine Street Market last week,  shooting the newest venture there,  Bless Your Heart Burgers.   From the creative culinary minds of John Gotham,   Kasey Mills and Drew Sprouse,  this place doesn't mess around.  Tight burgers,  sloppy fries,  top shelf whiskey.  

Go get your grub on!

How to Broil Lobster like a Boss

With Valentine's Day on the horizon,  do yourself and your special someone a favor and don't try to fight the holiday restaurant crowds.   Stay in,  pop a bottle of some nice bubbles,   cue up some Netflix  and knock their socks off with a little home cookin'.   

And what says "I might be gettin lucky tonight"  like a few lobster tails?  Lots of people shy away from lobster fore fear of ruining it,  but cooking it really couldn't be easier.


STEP 1: Fully defrost and rinse the tales.

STEP 2:  With a good pair of kitchen shears,  cut along the top of the tail shell,  making sure to stop just before the end of the tail.

STEP 3: Very gently separate the tail meat from the shell. Loosen it from the membrane underneath the meat,  then support the meat on top of the shell,  while keeping it attached at the base.  Remove the center vein and any small bits of shell.

STEP 4: Lightly season meat with salt, pepper and paprika.  pour some melted butter over the meat and broil on high for about 1 1/2 min per ounce.  These 4 oz tails cooked for about 6 minuted.  Serve the tails immediately on a bed of lightly dressed arugula,  with a side of melted butter and some charred meyer lemon.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

new work for Taqueria Nueve

It always makes me extra happy when a restaurant i really love approaches me to do some photography. I know i am a little biased....and i know your bartender took a photo class back in college...  but good quality shots can make all the difference these days.  Between websites and photo driven social media,  a good cache of images is priceless.

new print work for Portrait of Portland

In the last few months i have begun what i hope is a long and creatively fruitful relationship with the wonderful ladies over at Portrait of Portland,  and by extension,  Portrait of Seattle.   This is my first spread for them,  and i think it looks amazing.  Pick up a copy around town.

Then head over to Ava Gene's and see what all the buzz is about!