harding & wilson

if i haven't mentioned it in a while, i love my studio. its a great space with great light and there are some really cool neighbors who i share with. one of the other studios is occupied by 2 dudes, Alex and Peter, who have a clothing company called Harding & Wilson. they are an emerging brand in portland right now, specializing in bow ties and other accessories, but with a few new things on the horizon.

i was killing time the other day and asked if i could poke around their space and snap a few images. here what i can up with. make sure to visit their brand new website with the link above.

new Catching the Ox shot

i just finished the first catching the ox of 2012. it was a fun wintery one with fellow photog matt h. king. can you guess the subject matter? i'll give you a hint.... it ain't potatoes.

check it out HERE.

thrift store project pt. 13

with this one, its all in the eyes. a little bit creepy, but certainly mesmerizing. thats why I'm having so much fun with this project. where do these figures come from? who bought this and how did it end up at the goodwill? its gotta be 30 years old at least. these characters definitely have personalities.

good enough to eat

the purpose of this shot was to capture the 3 amazing textures and flavors found in the simple combination of fresh radishes, whipped butter and sea salt. if you have eaten this, you know what i mean.


i happened to have some radishes in the studio from some test shots i was working on so i chose a few to play around with.

the holga goes to the coast

shooting the mumiya 220

its been a while, but i haven't given up on the old gal. still love the feel of 26 pounds of photographic steel in my hands. here are some recent film shots:

the old man can make it into the forest okay, but these days sometimes he needs a little help getting out.

im not much for B&W nature photography, so it was a surprise to see these on the contact sheet.

thrift store project pt. 12

this figure is something I've been holding onto for a while. i tried a bunch of stuff that just didn't work, but I'm pretty happy with this image. i am still having a blast with this project. i think I'm gonna do a few more than maybe turn it into a little book. not sure, still thinking...

if you are unfamiliar with this project, scroll back thru the blog and check out some of the other posts. (hint...there are 11 of them.)

in da New York Times

so i finally made it into print in the NY times. pretty cool article about Little Bird. you can check out the full article HERE.

sense of humor

this was a little detail i spotted behind the scenes in a kitchen recently. I'm not saying who's handywork it is, but some might recognize the handwriting...

click on it to see the detail.

toro bravo bowling party

just when i pulled out my camera to capture some hot bowling action, all the lights went out! bummer. still caught some of the ladies in their sunday evening finery.

downtown houston

had time to pull out the nikon and shoot one frame out the car window before the skyline was out of view....

anvil bar and refuge

on our recent trip to Houston, we took some local advice and stopped for a crazy good cocktail at Anvil. the folks were super nice and it was a really cool spot. best Pimms cup I've ever had...

check out January GQ

i have another image in GQ this month. (this makes 3 times in total!) its a story about bars or liquor or something... i don't know. its got matt damon on the cover. pick one up and check it out.

whats really funny is that i did about 30 minutes worth of retouching to clean up the wood in the top left corner and then they cropped it out. oh well, it was good practice.