Persimmon Personal Chef Service

A few months ago,   i did some shooting to help out a good friend,  Gaela Witter,  get her new personal chef business, Persimmon,  off the ground.  She wanted to really show off her food visually,  and i was eager to help.   I promised her a plug on the blog when her website was up and running,   so here it is.  She is a hell of a cook and has worked under the likes of John Gorham and Vita Paley.    If you are in the need of some personal chefing,  give her a call.

Check out her brand new badass website right HERE.

Goin up the country, baby dontcha wanna go?

A few weeks ago,  i headed down to Corvalis with New Season Market's head produce buyer Chris Harris to spend a little time with the 2 of the folks that are growing your produce.   We met Mike Hessel of Red Hat Farms who provides amazing melons,  and Tom Denison of Denison Farms who provides tomatoes,  ginger,  and other sundry veggies.

The shots are running in the current NSM circular.  

New Portraits of Jenn Louis

If you dine in Portland,  then you have eaten some of Jenn's amazing food.  Owner of Lincoln Restaurant and Sunshine Tavern,  Jenn was one of  F&W's  best new chefs in 2012.  She has been a fan of mine for a while,  so when she recently needed some new portraits,  i got a call.  Jenn is always fun and professional,  so the shoot was  a breeze.   Here are a few of my faves.

The CTO is back in action!

For the uninitiated,  i curate a just for fun food photo project called Catching the Ox.  Over the past 3 years,  i have had over 25 fun loving folks participate.    I had been so busy over the past year shooting 2 cookbooks,  that the CTO sort of fell by the wayside.    Well this summer i decided to buckle back down and make a few more images happen.

For our first subject back,  i am joined by photographer and farmer nolan calisch.  He runs a local CSA on Wealth Underground Farm.   Cucumbers were just coming into season,  so he asked if we could shoot them.    Here's my shot.  Check out the site to see Nolan's contribution and learn more about his work.