Lardo.... Bringing Fatback

just before thanksgiving i went and did some shooting at Lardo's main spot on Hawthorne.   the chef/owner Rick Gencarelli is one of my favorite dudes in pdx.   he is a super nice,  really enthusiastic guys who just loves what he does.    here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

Ate Oh Ate

there are a few spots around PDX that i would really like to shoot,  and ate-oh-ate was on the top of the list.  the Hawaiian joint opened up by the folks who brought you Simpatica and Laurelhurst Market were a big hold out,  but i just got the call and got to spend a really fun day shooting the space and the awesome food.   check em out soon if its been awhile.

shooting XICO

i was just hired by a trade magazine out of Chicago to shoot the brand new spot,  XICO.  (pronounced chee-co)    i can't show off the shots yet,  but here is a portrait of the owners that  really liked that didn't made the submission selects.

sandwich board hat trick

in the last few months,  i have reshot Laurelhurst market and Simpatica,  and then recently just shot Ate- Oh- Ate for the first time... (more on that later...)    sandwich boards are a staple of business life in PDX.   thought this made a cool grouping.

(a hat trick is a hockey thing.   ask an east coaster,  or a canadian.)

shooting Jenn Louis for Harry & David

a few months ago,  i was hired by Harry & David to shoot an ongoing chef collaborative they participate in.   Each month a chef highlights one of H & D's products.   This month,  Lincoln's Jenn Louis shows off her pear skills.   find it somewhere on the Facebook...