cochon 555

this year, although it had a bit of an infamous finale, cochon 555 in portland was a huge success and a lot of fun. big props to Olympic Provisions chef, all around swell guy (and really good friend) jason barwikowski for kickin some major butt! good luck in Aspen dude.

i was the official photographer and soon you will be able to see all my shots on for now, here are a few favorite selects. had some fun playing around with the digital double exposure...

self portrait time

i realized it was just about time for a new self portrait. i had a broncolor set up for the whole weekend (thanks, BTA) so i set up a little make shift studio, poured myself a cocktail, and switched to timer mode. good times. all in all, a very interesting exercise in editing.

catching the ox pt.4

as this project progresses, mike and i are talking about possible expansion and hopefully a seperate blog to share the images. stay tuned....

until then, for thid round, mike chose vodka. i decided to follow in the Irving Penn style of still life images, so i hit up two wonderful local russian food markets with great names: Russian Elegant Food and Good Neighbor. it took a whole afternoon, but i happy with the final result. and i styled it myself!

miho izakaya

i did a quick shoot at miho last week. the late afternoon light was beautiful. here are two you didnt get to see...