one for the cooks

new woodsman tavern food shots

hungry yet?

the woodsman market

i have had the good luck to do all the shooting so far for the woodsman tavern and market. if you haven't been over there, whatcha waiting for, yo? check em out. the food is dope, the drinks are sublime and, lets face it, its a design major's wet dream.

here are some new shots from the freshly opened super bad ass market, offering the best of the best from portland, brooklyn and elsewhere in-between.

clyde common 2011 pt. 2

heres a few more.

how bad do you want some olives and almonds right now...

clyde common 2011

there are certain spots around town that i love to shoot at: good light, good people, good food. clyde common is definitely near the top of that list. i hadn't been back to shoot in over a year, so it was time to update the images.

it was a full day of shooting but we got a ton of gorgeous images...

kettleman bagels

lets face it, we all know kettlemans are the best bagels that portland has ever seen (read: don't fuck that up, Noah's...) and i was recently hired by the designer/owner to shoot all of their spots around town. it actually ended up being a super fun assignment. i got to check out some new spaces and met quite a few cool kids working at the shops. here are just a few of my favorites.

light quality

i was killing time the other day at woodsman tavern while the kitchen was setting up. i happened to look around and realized the light quality was just too good to pass up...

(i love these shots, and this is exactly why i keep this blog going.)