Back to where it all began....

My very very very first real photo assignment happened 10 years ago (10 years ago!!) and was a series of farmer portraits to adorn the walls at Paleys Place,  where i was employed as a prep cook at the time.  It was amazing opportunity and i often credit Vito and Kimberley Paley with really giving me my first opportunity to prove myself as a serious professional photographer.  (Little did i know at the time how many more years of hard work and dedication it would take to fully reach my goals.)

I recently had the opportunity to revisit and rework all the portraits.  Here are a bunch of the outtakes.  The original selects still hang in the main dining room at Paley's.  Go seem em and get the best Steak Tartare in Portland.   *One image was even hand printed by yours truly in my basement darkroom on 39th Ave.... try to guess which one.  

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