Smoke up, Johnny!

So it just dawned on me that i never did a blog post of my work with Farma PDX.   At the end of last year,  a new marijuana dispensary down on Hawthorne got in touch and asked that i do some shooting for their website.   I wasn't sure what to expect (...that is to say,  what i really expected was a bunch of burned out pot heads...)  but to my great surprise,  what i got was a chance to meet three of the most genuine and amazing dudes i have come across in PDX in a really long time.   These guys take their marijuana very seriously.   And don't get me wrong.   They wanna get you high,  but they also want to cure your ills and sooth your pains,  responsibly and naturally.

Being somewhat of a stoner for many many years,  they really opened up a whole new world to me and shed a very different  light on the uses and abuses of marijuana.  Under their guidance,  i have recently gotten my OMMP card (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) and have been experimenting with different strains to help treat the myriad aches and pains i am constantly battling.   

If you are an OMMP card holder,  please do yourself a favor and check them out.  Their dispensary is warm and welcoming and friendly and professional.    Tell them i sent you.   First time visitors get 10% off!    Check out their website HERE.

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