17 months and 8 days later...

When i began shooting the Le Pigeon  cookbook,  i thought i was a pretty solid photographer.  I had been shooting professionally for a few years and was content with the style and quality of my images.   Oh, oh oh how little i knew then compared to now.  During the following 2 years that i worked on this book,   I grew more than i ever thought i could both as a photographer and a person.  Everyone involved gave their heart and soul and incredible talents to the project.   It was an amazing adventure and i am truly lucky to have been part of it.

This is the very first image i shot for the book on November 9,  2011.

And this is the final image i shot for the book  on April 17th 2013.


  1. Awesome- I can't wait to see the book. Congrats to finishing such an amazing project.

  2. The book is fabulous! The story of Le Pigeon's first five years is inspiring and David put it back to life.