from Russia with love

 this is a good one....

so a few months ago,  i get a random email from a magazine in Russia looking for some Portland restaurant photos for a story.   seemed a little random and more than a little dodgy,  so i wrote back and said sure,  i have images,  you guys wanna buy some?   here was they're response,  possibly the greatest email i have ever received in my professional career:

Dear Braine,
Yes, we pay . We are interesting in pictures when we can feel city throw cafes, restaurant , food markets. It can be everything with food on it.  Also we are writing  about hipsters...)))
So, if you have pictures like hipsters seating in nice cafe in the city center –will be grate!)

All the best,

not quite sure where the "Braine" came from,  since every other email they address me as david.   but at this point,  they can have anything they want because that was awesome.   in the long run,  i did a little research and Afish Eda,  the magazine in question,  is probably the best food culture magazine in the Eastern hemisphere.   the portland article is about 10 pages long with tons of photos.   since its completely in russian,  i have no idea what they are saying,  but i hope to god its about all the hipsters....

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