Team Pure Beef

So the other main project that i had in September was shooting the Pure Beef Cookbook out in Joseph Oregon, written by Lynne Sampson Curry. For those of you unfamiliar with Joseph, all you have to do is drive straight to Idaho and then back up 50 feet. (that might be a slight exaggeration, but its Out There, Man.) So myself, Caroline the Food Stylist, Galvin the Assistant and Joshua the Philly Creative Director all saddled up for 4 days in Eastern Oregon.

Everything went amazingly and we got some beautiful images. Although we shot on location at Carmen Ranch, much of the time was spent at Lynne's house where she and Caroline cooked and styled all of the plated dishes. In that time we got to know Lynne's family and of course our shoot mascot, Chloe Kitty, who are all pictured above and below.

I just want to express my gratitude and say a giant thank you to everyone on Team Pure Beef for all their efforts and hard work. (portrait by Galvin Collins)


  1. So happy to hear it was as rich an experience for you as for me.

    As for that photo of you and Chloe...Well, it speaks for itself.--Lynne

  2. small world! i went to school with galvin and people used to make stupid jokes like 'you two should get married and name your kid galvin galvin'