tour of duty

for those who haven't yet heard the harrowing tale, i had the pleasure of spending 13 hours stuck at the scenic Newark Airport, snowed in. after i went to try and catch a cab, i wasn't allowed back thru security so i got to spend the night on the marble floored entry way. luckily i had a garment bag, which made a mighty fine bed roll.

at 630 the next morning i got a lift home from the most amazing and daring hatian man in all of north jersey. he was fearless, delivering me to my doorstep. i gave him 87 dollars and three Bayer asprin. pretty sure that makes us BFFs for life.

thats him in the background. not pictured: the leather wingtips i am wearing 22 inches below the snowline.

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  1. How I remember these days from my youth. better you than I.
    Too bad it had to be Newark Airport.
    But it's for family and it was all worth it.