How to Broil Lobster like a Boss

With Valentine's Day on the horizon,  do yourself and your special someone a favor and don't try to fight the holiday restaurant crowds.   Stay in,  pop a bottle of some nice bubbles,   cue up some Netflix  and knock their socks off with a little home cookin'.   

And what says "I might be gettin lucky tonight"  like a few lobster tails?  Lots of people shy away from lobster fore fear of ruining it,  but cooking it really couldn't be easier.


STEP 1: Fully defrost and rinse the tales.

STEP 2:  With a good pair of kitchen shears,  cut along the top of the tail shell,  making sure to stop just before the end of the tail.

STEP 3: Very gently separate the tail meat from the shell. Loosen it from the membrane underneath the meat,  then support the meat on top of the shell,  while keeping it attached at the base.  Remove the center vein and any small bits of shell.

STEP 4: Lightly season meat with salt, pepper and paprika.  pour some melted butter over the meat and broil on high for about 1 1/2 min per ounce.  These 4 oz tails cooked for about 6 minuted.  Serve the tails immediately on a bed of lightly dressed arugula,  with a side of melted butter and some charred meyer lemon.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

new work for Taqueria Nueve

It always makes me extra happy when a restaurant i really love approaches me to do some photography. I know i am a little biased....and i know your bartender took a photo class back in college...  but good quality shots can make all the difference these days.  Between websites and photo driven social media,  a good cache of images is priceless.

new print work for Portrait of Portland

In the last few months i have begun what i hope is a long and creatively fruitful relationship with the wonderful ladies over at Portrait of Portland,  and by extension,  Portrait of Seattle.   This is my first spread for them,  and i think it looks amazing.  Pick up a copy around town.

Then head over to Ava Gene's and see what all the buzz is about!


Admittedly,  I am not into fancy pants cocktails, but I honestly never get tired of shooting bartenders doing their thing.   As ubiquitous as the imagery is becoming in todays culture,  I still love to capture the subtle differences of style and movement within the trade.  And Ansel Vickery,  chief cocktologist over at Free House is probably my favorite.   He's quick with a joke,  or a light up your smoke..... as Billy Joel might say. 

And he makes a mean Pina Colada.

New clients, new friends in Roseburg, OR

Back in November,  I took a few road trips down to Roseburg Oregon,  to work with a new client,  Oregon Territory Wines,  to help them better define the visual side of their new product.  We set up an afternoon  "dinner party"  and a few other situations to shoot.  The winemakers, Dyson and Scott  gathered a great group of folks and hosted a really fun party.

The day started early with some  wild mushroom foraging,  with a wild mushroom forager,  a gentleman and a scholar named Paul Waddell.    He was a really great guy to talk with and shoot..... and on top of everything he looked like Lee Hazelwood!

More posts to come from this campaign.

a super Super Bowl snack

Okay, okay.   So the Seahawks didn't make it to the Super Bowl  this year.   What can ya do,  right?  Root for Atlanta,  obviously... but  i figure  it also  couldn't hurt to step up my snacking game for entertaining on the big day.

All i needed was a little inspiration.... and it came in the form of a New Seasons Market email.  On sale this week were Dungeness crabs,  marigold grapefruits and caramelized shallot parmesan baguette.  As my brain processed those flavors,  a tasty treat began to take hold.   I just needed to add a few extra ingredients,  and voila!  

So here is my recipe for crab, grapefruit and fennel crostini,  sure to be a big hit next weekend... even if the Patriots get out to an early lead.


peel and segment your marigold grapefruit.  cut each segment into 3 or 4 pieces,  depending on size.

(you can squeeze all the juice
 out of the remaining fruit and make a delicious cocktail to go along with the snacks.  waste not,  want not!)


clean the crab.   its actually quite simple.  pull off the top shell,  scoop out all the guts and goop attached to the body and rinse well.   Cut the bottom in half and pick all the meat out of the legs and body.   Be careful to remove all the shell pieces.


thinly slice some fennel on a mandolin and pick some flat leaf parsley.  place in a bowl with the crab meat and grapefruit segments.    mix well and season with salt,  pepper,  olive oil, lemon juice and a little tobasco.


slice several pieces of the baguette on a hard bias.  toast in the oven until just slightly brown and crisp on the edges.   slather a little mayonnaise on each piece of bread and then gently put the fennel crab mix on top.

serve and enjoy.

new work for Pok Pok PDX

I have been shooting for pok pok since he very beginning and it remains one of my favorite restaurants to shoot.  It's really cool to see how such simple yet amazingly delicious dishes have ever so slightly evolved over the years.

just me and my lady. drinking wine. catching crabs.

One of my new years resolutions is to be a bit more proactive with my blog.  I had planned on posting this weeks ago.  Here are a few more shots from our birthday weekend back in November,  with my best gal and my best client!