Feast PDX 2016

i think its safe to say that a good time was had by all.

My grand return to Print Media

Its been a long time since i had the opportunity to do a "run round Portland and meet all sorts of cool folks and go to stores and places i usually don't go to and take pictures" shoot.  And I gotta be honest,  i missed it!   So when I was offered just such a job by Virgin Australia's In Flight Magazine Voyeur,  i jumped at the opportunity.  

  You can actually digitally view the whole issue HERE.  Its worth it just to check out the contributors page and see the awesome photo of yours truly that they chose.   Australians are awesome!

an evening in Rhododendron

some friends have a beautiful cabin up near Mt. Hood,  so i decided to turn an overnight into an impromptu photo shoot for one of my favorite clients,  Union Wine Company.  Here are a few outtakes.

three cars and a broke down oven.... the Holga about town

i love my Holga  because unlike most of its siblings,   mine is very reliable.   i don't have the time for unpredictable light leaks or fuck ups.   but... do solely to user error,  this last roll had a couple of happy accidents. 

New images, New recipes, New Seasons.

Some of the best assignments i have had recently are for the New Seasons Market blog The Table.   I love the vibe of the posts,   not to mention that the NSM creative directors  give me an unbelievable amount  of visual and creative control for the images.   Check out the full blog to see everything,  but here are a few of my favorites from the past few weeks...

Marinated Lamb Shoulder

Asparagus,  Quinoa & Ricotta

Roasted Halibut with Tomato Salad


i am fennel, hear me roar.

this magnificent specimen came in out CSA box this weekend from Hood River Organics.

Let's all go to the Montavilla Farmer's Market!

Inspired by the never-ending altruistic nature of my lovely wife,  I volunteered to do some shooting at the MFM.   Definitely my favorite of the local markets,  its a happy convenience that we live less than half a mile away.  Here's some of the fun you can find for yourself on a Sunday morning...

the HOLGA goes to Upstate New York

it seems like it has been a long time since the Holga got out into the world with me to document travel adventures.   Recently Meredith and I were back East,  visiting family, (so so so much family), eating Veal Parmesan, (deal with it,  hippies),  touring Gustav Stickley's  house,  (he seemed super cool),  touring George Eastman's house, (he seemed like a total dick),  doing the (way way way better) Canadian side of Niagara Falls.   Here's what the Holga thought of our adventure.

just to clarify, (for the uninitiated),  this is film...  not Instagram.