Le Pigeon 2014

This was my first time back shooting at LP since the book came out.   Not gonna lie.  It kinda felt like a homecoming.

Mediteranean Exploration Co.

I had the opportunity to do some shooting at MEC before the doors were open to the public.  For the uninitiated,  MEC is the newest restaurant from my old buddy and confident John Gorham.   It took over (and reinvented)  the Riffle NW space.  Believe the HYPE!   This place is nothing short of amazing.  Check it out as soon as you can. 

California Polaroids

A few weeks ago I was down in San Francisco on a shoot for Union Wine Co.   I decided to drive and make a bit of a road trip out of it.   I got to connect with some old friends and do a bit of exploring.   It was a great trip and i got some cool shots of it.

ELLE Japan portraits

Last July I did a (pretty intense)  5 day shoot all over Portland for Elle A Table Japan.   It was a really fun assignment and I got to showcase some great local spots.   I was just going thru some of my old files and realized i got a pretty cool collection of portraits from those days. 

the Holga goes to Long Beach Peninsula

if you follow this blog,  you know that my tried and true traveling companion is my Holga.  I rarely get to shoot it for actual jobs,  so i make sure to always take it on trips.   Over the 4th of July weekend,  Meredith and i went up to the LBP with a group of friends for a few days.   So of course,  the Holga came along.

While driving around we found these really amazing weather worn water towers with huge christian images painted on them.   pretty wild.

Turning Up the Heat

I just posted the newest installment of my Catching the Ox project.   Shot with Jenna Gersbach-King, the subject was Heat.   How apropos!   Check it out...

Ivy Manning for Cooking Light

I first me the food writer Ivy Manning when we did a cover shoot years ago for NW Palette magazine.  Since then,  i have been following her work,  so when Cooking Light called and asked me to do a portrait shoot,  i was all in.   

Big props to a lady who can quote as many lines from Raising Arizona as I can!

berries 101

some new ad shots for NSM...