Bar Casa Vale website is now live

Ive been having a blast documenting the beginnings of Bar Casa Vale from the buildout thru opening day.   Its really a beautiful spot with a talented crew.   Check it out soon.   For those initiated,  its literally in the parking lot behind  Simpatica.   Site was built by my incredibly talented web gal,  Katie Schmit.

Boiled Crabs, New Friends, Bluegrass & Cans o' Wine... in no particular order

Whats better on a Friday night than making some new friends,  eating a crab boil,  listening to some bluegrass music and downing a few cans of Union wine?   

I happened upon an epic collaboration between Tournant and Serenade last week and had the pleasure of documenting some of the fun.    Definitely check out future dinners by all these folks.  Always guaranteed to be a blast.

New Ladybug Chocolates website is Live

A few months ago i had the pleasure of meeting,  working for and then drinking martinis with Bob Dye, all around radical dude and  owner of Ladybug Chocolates,  based down in Canby.   We did a bunch of studio shots and i even went down to his shop to meet the team and see the process.   Its an amazing local company and definitely worth checking out.   I'd say take the drive down to Canby,  but with their newly retooled website (chock full of stunning photography...)  you can get it without leaving the comfort of the couch.   Check em out HERE.  The chocolate covered graham crackers are Banana Sandwich good!!!

Paxton Gate is creepy cool

Its always fun when my job takes me to places i had yet to discover of my own free will,  (especially when they aren't bars and restaurants.)    I had actually been meaning to check out Paxton Gate for a while so i was stoked when the Virgin Australia story sent me here.   Definitely stands alone as a one of a kind here in portland.

Feast PDX 2016

i think its safe to say that a good time was had by all.

My grand return to Print Media

Its been a long time since i had the opportunity to do a "run round Portland and meet all sorts of cool folks and go to stores and places i usually don't go to and take pictures" shoot.  And I gotta be honest,  i missed it!   So when I was offered just such a job by Virgin Australia's In Flight Magazine Voyeur,  i jumped at the opportunity.  

  You can actually digitally view the whole issue HERE.  Its worth it just to check out the contributors page and see the awesome photo of yours truly that they chose.   Australians are awesome!