Imaginary Authors and the Tales that they Tell

I never thought I'd be so proud to say I wear perfume!  But then I had the amazing opportunity to team up with the two wildly talented and creative gents behind Imaginary Authors Perfume.  

Six of their fragrances were headed to the European market,  so we worked together in the studio to create tableaus that visually encapsulated the story behind each scent.  It was a really rare opportunity to create a picture that could express not only a fragrance,  but also the tale it told.

New work for Poached Jobs Inc.

For my latest shoot with Poached Jobs, (one of my absolute favorite local clients)  we took over the front of Clyde Common for a morning.  

I have shot at this location many times over the years and it still stands as some of the best natural light you can find in a Portland restaurant.   This shoot was strictly FOH  (Front of the House).   BOH (figure it out) will be up in a week or so.

It ain't quite Breakfast and it ain't quite Lunch...

As part of my recent collaboration with the  Woodsman Tavern,  I spent a Saturday morning capturing the bangin' brunch that they offer every weekend.   SO... go have a bloody Mary and get down with some eggs benny!

Greetings from Joseph, OR

Meredith and I had been talking about a Joseph trip for almost 2 years and we finally made the trek.  Its an absolutely beautiful part of far Eastern Oregon,  right at the base of the Wallowa Mountains.   I decided turn part of the trip into a little impromptu Union Wine Co. shoot in the Jennings Hotel.

....and a rare appearance of the photographer on the wrong side of the lens.

Harvest Season Pt. 1

The most crucial and hectic time of the year in the world of wine making is Harvest.    There is a very small window of opportunity when the fruit is perfectly plump and ready to be called to its higher purpose.   

I have spent severals seasons documenting the men and women who go from vineyard to vineyard,  physically collecting  the grapes.   It is really a sight to see.   This Autumn I made a sunrise  trip to   Amity Vineyards for the final day of their Harvest.  


Harvest Season Pt. 2

After all of the grapes have been harvested, its time to sort,  select,  squeeze,  and stomp them.   Once again,  I was on hand (and under foot)  to capture all of the action....