the HOLGA goes to Upstate New York

it seems like it has been a long time since the Holga got out into the world with me to document travel adventures.   Recently Meredith and I were back East,  visiting family, (so so so much family), eating Veal Parmesan, (deal with it,  hippies),  touring Gustav Stickley's  house,  (he seemed super cool),  touring George Eastman's house, (he seemed like a total dick),  doing the (way way way better) Canadian side of Niagara Falls.   Here's what the Holga thought of our adventure.

just to clarify, (for the uninitiated),  this is film...  not Instagram.

Drink Pink

Recently i organized a collaboration between Union Wine Co. and a few of my favorite local bartenders for a booklet of cocktails that used Union's Underwood Rosé Wine as a component.    I shot all the drinks,  and then those were turned into illustrations for the booklet by the creative folks at Ellaphant in the Room  and designed by  Scout Books.   Keep an eye out for the booklets around town -- the project came out really dope.  The contributing bartenders were Douglas Derrick, Ansel Vickery, Mindy Kukan, Lauren Scott and Jacob Grier.   Here are a few of my favorite shots from the project.

From Alaska with Love

A while ago,  i had the pleasure of meeting some of the amazing people behind Iliana Fish Co.   We did some shooting in the studio,  and then some at one of their pickup locations.  Not sold in stores,  its more of a CSA type deal.    I really couldn't do their story justice in a few words,  so go to their WEBSITE,  watch the video and get in on some of the greatest sustainably caught wild red salmon on Earth!

Excerpts from the World of Penny Lane

pretty penny one paw
likes to eat her fish raw
never guess what she saw
playing on the see-saw

this place is the Wurst!

For my first assignment at the new Pine Street Market, I did some shooting for the newest space from the OP family,  Wurst.
 I had the pleasure of meeting the brains behind the dogs, Victor Deras .  As you can see,   he has a great energy and is pretty damn photogenic to boot.   Looking forward to a studio day recreating their entire menu to photograph.  It'll be the best of times.  It'll be the Wurst of times..... :)

the Canbassador hits the road

i took a ride out the the Union Wine Company's Urban Chateau this week to document the departure of their "Canbassador" as he hits the road for 4 months of travel and bacchanalia.   It was emotional.   

God speed,  you crazy kid!   Spread the word of wine in a can to the best of the unpretentious wine drinkers of the West Coast.  

the most Portlandest restaurant photo ever taken?

I've been documenting the amazing world of the portland restaurant scene for about 7 years, have probably taken over 400K snaps,  and i think this is the most portland of all the portland shots i have ever taken.  there is just something about the frumpy comfort and relaxed style that seems to sum up this amazing city and its dining proclivities.  

The Chocolate Champions of Canby Oregon

   One of the greatest benefits of being a food photographer is getting to meet the creative minds fueling the smaller,  artisan businesses.    Its been a little while since i got to spend some time with a really fun  group,  snap a few pics and learn more than a thing or two in the process.  ....Enter Ladybug Chocolates.

    Canby is a fascinating suburb of Portland.   I don't get down there that much,   but recently,  with groups like LetUmEat,  Canby is doing some really cool things.  The main force behind Ladybug Chocolates,  Bob Dye, is a master chocolatier  (my words-  not his) who has run a hand made chocolate company for 8 years.  He is a fascinating man who enjoys a good martini,  and has many many a story to tell.    I spent some time in their shop, photographing the process.   Everyone was great,  and honest to goodness,  its some of the best chocolate i have ever eaten.  (especially the chocolate covered graham crackers!)   check em out if you are driving thru town.