Meat, man. Meat.

Here is my favorite shot from the new Olympia Provisions holiday catalogue.

Polaroids from the Edge... of Palm Springs

Took a trip down to sunny Palm Springs for a little R n R and vitamin D.   Brought a few film cameras to document the trip.

Surprise cover shots are the best cover shots.

Ive been shooting editorial work for many years and it still  never gets old to see your work in print.  ....and it never ever ever gets old to see you photo on the cover!  Usually the cover is planned well in advance,  but sometimes they call and audible just before the final buzzer and the whole play changes.

Check out the new copy of Portrait of Portland or Portrait of Seattle and read about an amazing Peruvian restaurant here in Portland that has remained pretty much under the radar the last 2 years,  Le Chon.

(Then go check em out.  you won't be disappointed.)

Postcards form the Edge.... of deliciousness!

Sorry,  that is a very corny post title.   But these postcards that Olympia Provisions fashioned out of my images certainly are not.

Find one at one of their events around town and send it to your favorite vegan.

new work for Shalom Y'all

Recently Shalom Y'all left the Pine Street Marketplace  and moved over to a more intimate space at SW 10th and Alder.   I spent an afternoon hanging out, documenting the food and drinks and general goings on.  Its a beautiful spot and they are putting out some really killer fare.... including possibly the only Manischewitz cocktail in town.

So go check em out!

A pitcher full of sunshine

Lets face it.   It rains in Portland.  It rains a lot.  But this winter has been especially brutal.  Come on Mother Nature.  We just need a few clear days... a little vitamin D,  to get us through til spring kicks in.

But that just doesn't seem to be in the forecast.   So what can you do?  Union Wine Company suggests making a little sunshine in a glass,  with  their Cactus Bite cocktail.   I recently shot a little brunch party complete with quiche and cocktails and good company at our house.

Check out the full story and cocktail recipe HERE.

a quick trip to Bless Yer Heart

I was on hand for the opening morning of Bless Yer Heart,   and it was tough enough for the cooks to keep their head above water,  let alone really show off the beauty of their burgers.  So i set up a quick shoot with their chef so i could really dial in a few pics of their burgers.  Very happy i did!

And lets not forget the second best part of BYH.... top shelf whiskey!

Toro Bravo turns 10

Its really kind of crazy to believe.  

I remember drinking cocktails on the opening night (after getting off a brutal 13 hr day of catering for Simpatica!)  I rocked out to Adam Green and Bruce Springsteen for years in the basement,  doing,  what seemed at the time, a literally endless litany of  prep tasks.  I spent a year and a half shooting the Toro Bravo Cookbook.  And thru all that,  I consider John and Renee two of my closest friends in Portland.  

So to be able to be on hand to celebrate the 10th anniversary was a true honor.  Its a gradual restart,  but in a week or so,  they will have returned to their full (and as you know) immense menu,  with all sorts of never before seen items.   So if its been a while,  stop in for a snack and a sherry-   or bring a posse and go crazy!   

But don't get me wrong... Its basically the same old Toro with some exciting new kitchen equipment,  lots more puffy banquets and one brand new big ol' octopus.