The Chocolate Champions of Canby Oregon

   One of the greatest benefits of being a food photographer is getting to meet the creative minds fueling the smaller,  artisan businesses.    Its been a little while since i got to spend some time with a really fun  group,  snap a few pics and learn more than a thing or two in the process.  ....Enter Ladybug Chocolates.

    Canby is a fascinating suburb of Portland.   I don't get down there that much,   but recently,  with groups like LetUmEat,  Canby is doing some really cool things.  The main force behind Ladybug Chocolates,  Bob Dye, is a master chocolatier  (my words-  not his) who has run a hand made chocolate company for 8 years.  He is a fascinating man who enjoys a good martini,  and has many many a story to tell.    I spent some time in their shop, photographing the process.   Everyone was great,  and honest to goodness,  its some of the best chocolate i have ever eaten.  (especially the chocolate covered graham crackers!)   check em out if you are driving thru town.

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